Saturday, April 17, 2010

April 17, 2010

Get down,
Get funky!

Have you noticed that most of my pictures seem to look like
the camera was on top of a 25 story crane?

That's what happens when you have
a tall guy taking the pictures.
Fortunately, the top of my head is very photogenic.

I told the tall guy that he needed to get down to eye level
and roll around on the ground with me.

See! Now I can actually tell when he is about to take a picture!

And you're not fooling me by holding leaves over your head so that I think
it's something to eat just to get me to look up either.

Fool me once, shame on you.
Fool me twice, and I will lick your face.
And we all know where my tongue has been!

So from now on,
sing this song when you are taking pictures:
Get down,

Get funky,

When you take pictures of your monkey!


  1. Monkey see...monkey doo!

    nice portrait shots TG!

  2. ooo ooops! that "doo" was a Freudian slip! I swear to DOG!

  3. BOL! We have a "TG" here...we don't let him take many pictures.. Mom is short.. I am almost as tall as her when I stand!! BOL!!

    Licks from Olive!

  4. Aww,, JAck
    You look so good at eye level. Make the TG take pictures of you like this more often.


  5. Jack you are too cute!! How old are you? Do you have a girl friend?

    Elizabeth & Luna

  6. Fair call too Jack!

    Your pal Koda

  7. Same problem here. Only issue is that somehow the lens always gets snooter stains on it when we try to get those eye level photos.


  8. Plus, that way you can get some nose prints on the camera lens and the humans are sooooooo happy about that.

  9. Morning Jack and TG
    You two are sharp for a Saturday morning!!!
    Thanks to you, Mom will be singing get down get funky all day long!!! Great shots and Jack...Madi says you have a very handsome face we are glad TG got down and funky.
    Madi and Mom

  10. I think Jack behaves very well for the camera! And, those doggie tongues...I just shake my head in disbelief. After all the money big corporations spend on developing gourmet dog food, they're just throwing their money down the drain. From what I've seen Tootie eat, dogs make their own food!


  11. Jack, you look great from eye level. Tell the TG to get down more often!! Debbie and Holly

  12. Jack,
    You are so handsome and smart too. Love the comment about the camera being on a crane!! BOL!!

    Now where exactly HAS that tongue been?? BOL!!

    Great way to start a Saturday morning, with my Daily Dose of Jack. Thanks Jack.

    Much Love,
    Josie and Mr. Blues, Jr.

  13. Lookin good Jack!

    Sage (&Erin(

  14. wow! Jack ..must say u are a very handsome and photogenic guy.

    Ginger here hates being photographed and Mummy has to keep pleading with her to pose. Sad, coz she is an extremely beautiful girl.

    i know i am pretty handsome too and of couse i lovvvv being clicked.

    till next time, keep wagging


  15. I love the up close and personal look!!!
    Your handsome mug always brings a smile to my face!

    PS...I'm too old to need "tutoring"!

  16. Your tall guy must be really tall but you are very photogenic at eye level! How many pics did he take with your eyes closed to get those handsome ones?

  17. 25 feet? I didn't know Tall Guy was THAT tall. I'm short, so getting down on Cabana's level is pretty much bending down an inch or two.

  18. Jack, you gave the TG some great photo advice. I like the view of your snooter very much :)

  19. You sure are nice looking, Jack!

    - Mack

  20. Thank goodness I finally get to see you at "normal" level. Now I will most definitely recognize you when we pass on the street. Good job Tall Dud, I mean Dude.

    Woofs and normal slobbers,
    Chester ;0=)

  21. Hi Jack,

    Well you are one good look'in bo-dawg! How come you not married?

    Riley and Star.

  22. Oh, Jack, we live in funky town over here. Our M sounds ten times worse than your TG. Besides, you sure seem to have a good grip on this.

  23. Snooter shots! We love snooter shots!