Friday, April 9, 2010

April 9, 2010

My Three Favorite Words!

Surprisingly, STICK is not one of them!
I just like sticks.

Number 3:

I love when the tall guy says 'DOG'
cause it means there is another dog close by
and we might get to play!

Number 2:

MMMMMMM, bagels.
Sometimes I even get to eat a whole
half of a bagel.
I like to take it outside
and eat 'al fresco'.
(That means dragged through the dirt.)
(Not to be confused with 'Al Roker'.)

And my number 1
most-est favorite-est best-est word-iest
(oops, got a little carried away there) word is:
(for obvious reasons!)

So there you have my three favorite words in the entire world.

The tall guy says his 3 favorite words are
'I Love You'
but I think he's just saying that to
try to win Mr. Congeniality or something.

So, what are YOUR 3 favorite words?

(And even though this has nothing to do with puppies,
the tall guy has listened to this about 40 gazillion times,
so he told me to put it on here for you:
I told him to find more puppy videos!!)

From the tall guy:
I hate YouTube. If you find one interesting thing,
you're almost always tempted to click on other things
and before you know it, you've spent 40 gazillion hours
playing on the computer!! :)


  1. galveston cause we love to go to the beach
    toot cause its our favorite fing to do
    and . . . livertweat cause its our favorite fing to eat
    ok bye we hear the liver tweat word
    the pittie pack

  2. Walk!

    PeeEssWoo: Evil YouTube laugh HERE>>>>>>>>

  3. Lets go!! (roadtrip or walks)
    wanna treat?? (treats)
    Get your toy!! (playtime)

    Least favorite is~~Come here Jazzi~~which usually means pictures!!


  4. "Hungry" ("Is Sagey hungry?")
    "You coming?"

    Sage likes questions....and waterlogged sticks!

  5. Giz's faves are:
    1. CHICKEN
    2. Cookie?
    3. Dump (Wanna go to the dump?)

    Grrrrs from Gizzy

  6. 1. Do you know (as in 'do you know where I would find a hound who would like to go for a WALK?'this is what I say every time before I get the leash but I don't think he hears anything past 'do you know' because the wiggle dance starts!)
    2. kibbles
    3. snacks
    Moose says to remind you that according to empirical observations labra-tummies can hold up to 8 bagels. Feel free to present these data to TG for his consideration.

  7. Hi ya Jack!!
    COOKIE is a favorite word of mine to...And, I had better receive a COOKIE everytime I hear that word!!!!
    And, TOY
    That's about it right now....I have selective hearing and wording :)

    Hugs and snaggle-tooth kisses,
    Sierra Rose

  8. MMMMMM my favourites are BIKKIES (your cookie), PUPPIES (your dog), and PUSSYCAT (mmmm kitties to chase)....

    Was this the stick you were hiding the other day?

    Koda MD

  9. Hi Jack,

    Here are my favorite words:

    Daddy's home (when mom says it it sounds like one word)

    PS Those are great looking sticks!

  10. Hike (the mushing command for GO!)
    Ride (as in - in the Jeep!)
    Supper-time (hey, that is one word).

    P.S. - Tell the TG that our hu-dad also finds it amazing how he starts at one place on YouTube and then discovers how far he has wandered from the original video, but still found such cool stuff (ok, and some stupid stuff).

  11. Morning Jack and TG....once again you have succeeded at completely entertaining us...with your humor and beautiful music. Mom and I have never heard of All Angels. Boy have missed out big time. Our three favorite words ummmm....that is very thought provoking. I like it when Mom bellows 'ham', mom likes 'Baskin-Robbins'!!
    Madi and Mom

  12. Woof! Woof! JACK ... Fabulous 3 Fav words. COOKIE is my #1 too. Mmmm Tall Guy's video music selection is interesting. Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

  13. Cookie and Come are at the top of Ellie's list, they both mean she's going to get a really good treat if she comes to me.
    Second...hmm. Probably "Fetch" because it means she gets to fetch the dropped item, she loves doing that.
    And Third is probably "Nudge" or "Lights Out" because she loves turning on and off the light switch!

  14. Well, we couldn't watch the video - it wouldn't come up for us, but we know what you are saying about you tube. Some of our favorites are the "Engineers Guide to Cats" series and "Crazy - The Worst Studio Session Ever". After that, I usually look for every dog video, horse video, etc that has ever been published!


  15. BALL, BALL, BALL!!!!
    Licks and sniffs,
    Zack,Sassy,and Buddy

  16. A few of my three favorite words:

    Go fur walk?

    Go fur ride?

    Get the squirrel!

    Time to eat!

    Go to bed.

    You wanna treat?


  17. Darwins 3 fave words:
    peanutbutter (if I dont put a space between it, it's one word :))

  18. My favorate words are....
    "Go outside"
    "Ohhhh MACKY"
    "Where is the ball"
    Wags and Woofs,
    Mack and Mia

  19. My favourite words are:

    Gammarus stick

    I really like the word shell, but It's a part of me, and that could be sound little bit egocentric...

    Hugs! :-)

  20. Jack,

    Josie's 3 favorite words:

    Peanut Butter

    Mr. Blues 3 favorite words:

    Peanut Butter

    notice what's going on here......BOL.....

    If mommy says Peanut Butter they both stop in their tracks and come running to me and sit and stare at's so funny....

    As for my 3 favorite words....I love you and I'm so sorry.....they go hand and hand as far as I'm concerned....also I've missed you....

    sorry, I've just been so mushy lately.....I've been appreciating all the little things in life....I guess that's what Hospice work does to you..

    I always say "don't sweat the small stuff...and it's all small stuff..."

    Much Love to the Tall Guy and Jack,
    Josie and Mr. Blues

  21. Dory~#3 - Bye Bye #2 - Walk #1 Cookie

    Bilbo - #3 Upstairs #2 - Cookie #1 - Yes Bilbo we will do whatever it is you want us to do

  22. Let's, football and football.

  23. My 3 favoritest are:

    1. Cheese
    2. Go (as in, ya wanna...?)
    3. Mom (psst...not really. She was looking over my shoulder. My other favoritest word is breakfast!)

    Wiggles & Wags,

  24. #3...Dinner!
    #1...Ball...cause M.O.M. has one of those things that throw the ball real high in the air and a long ways away for me to chase it!!

  25. Oh dats easy: Time To Eat!!! BEST WORDS EVER!!!

    ~ Pompei, TExas and Bubbles

  26. I know this will come as a shock, but....1) Cheese? 2) Wanna Go? 3) Cookie?

  27. Remi's favorite three words seem to follow the trend. 1)WALK 2)TREAT 3)COME (because that means a really high value treat - we're working a lot on coming when called right now).