Saturday, April 3, 2010

April 3, 2010

The case is solved!
Sticks and bones for everybody!

(and fishes for our feline friends)

Thanks to everyone for all their wonderful help in solving this case.

As most of you surmised, I was not poisoned at all. I was just PRETENDING so that I could get the TRUE CRIMINAL to show his hand. Yes, that's right. I said HIS hand. So all you non-HISES know that you're off the hook.

Let's look at the clues:
1) He came to the west from back east.
2) He was with me when we discovered the missing leg AND he also returned to the scene of the crime.
3) It was his handwriting on the evidence bag!
4) Most importantly, he was the ONLY one who didn't offer any help when it looked like I might have been poisoned.

Yes, that's right.
The criminal is:


I have spoken to the tall guy and he is going to get 10 minutes of time out and will not get to watch the next new episode of House until it is available online. I think he has learned his lesson!

I would like to thank all of you who figured this out and sent me invisible mental puppy and kitty thoughts telling me who was responsible. You did very well - even your peoples did not know what you were doing.

Oh, and it turns out that the missing leg wasn't even a real leg. It was from a DOLL!!! The tall guy is SO SNEAKY!! I think it was a leg from one of those toilet paper dolls we talked about earlier!

We can now resume our regular blogcasting, already in progress!


  1. Furry well done!

    Woo are AZ's answer to Magnum PI!


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  3. Oops..too late for me, can't seem to type ..too tired..ZZZzzzZZzzz..

    Meant to say...
    You are so are your friends!!

    Yes..I would like a donkey in Jamaica too, who wouldn't?

    Licks from me!!

  4. PHEW at last the mystery is solved, although you have proven yourself as a fantastical case solver...

    Koda MD

  5. Way to go Jack! I think you have the nose for all of this mystery solving stuff. TG did you really think you could get away with it? I will be able to sleep a little better now that the case is solved. :)

  6. Way to go JACK!!! Your perservance and dedication paid off we award you with many many virtual doggie for you TG hang your head in shame.
    Happy Easter to you both
    Madi and Mom

  7. Boy, Jack, you are so clever! I am impressed with your "nose" for sniffing out the truth!


  8. Good going Jack! To think it was the Tall Guy all along. I think at least 10 minutes in time out and not being able to watch the new House until it's on DVD is a good jail sentence. Make sure he doesn't get into any more trouble or pick up more legs or heads!!! Debbie and Holly

  9. God job Jack!!! Way to solve the case!
    Woo WooOOooo
    Shiloh, Shelby, and their Mom

  10. Good Job Jack, and I am so relieved that this bad tall guy will have to serve some time the time out corner!! I must admit that I too have been to the time out corner so I think it is fit punishment for him!! Good job friend! Hugs and wags, Mistaya

  11. Great job Jack! You are a regular Sherlock Holmes! Have a Happy Easter! And remember DON'T CHASE THE EASTER BUNNY!

  12. So Jack... does this mean you're not really dead?


    And the TG is in time out?


  13. It was a wonderful case! We enjoyed following along!


  14. I am convinced it was a Barbie doll and that TG must come out of time out. He should be rewarded instead.