Tuesday, April 27, 2010

April 27, 2010

Holy Cactus*, Cowboy!!

(*Evidently the holes do not harm the cactus!)

I never knew how hard getting a new TV show started could be.

I've already had one puppy come up and challenge me to a shootout because I didn't cast his sister's husband's wife's best friend's second son!

And then all the calls from agents wanting to know things like who gets top billing and how many walks a day will each puppy get and what about school and on and on and on.

I tell them all the same thing: Talk to the tall guy. He's in charge of all of that!! Here's his phone number:

(Note from Jack: Phone number redacted under threat of sleeping outside for the next 15 years)

But they don't listen.

So I'm just going to go to my happy place and look at this nice picture of clouds that the tall guy took yesterday:

And now the answer to yesterday's quiz. Exchange papers please!

Who WAS that in the cast?

1) Cowboy Happy Jack

2) Sassy

3) Cabana

4) Mr Koda MD

5) Tootie

Monument Valley

6) Darwin

7) Remington

8) Samantha

9) Sierra Rose

10) Dory

11) Tank

What the tall guy said he would do to me if I put his phone number on here!

12) Jazzi

13) Sam

14) Parker

15) Sage

16) Mango

More Monument Valley

and of course

17) Madi (HFP - honorary feline puppy!)

How well did you do?


  1. So, has anyone offered to sleep their way into the produkhtion?


  2. Jack
    I love Madi as Miss Kitty!! Spectacular!! I didnt do real well on this!! Hey I can do some serious horse ridin... for the show!!


  3. Did you dig those holes in the cactus?

  4. OMD OMD I'm flustered!
    So many big names in that cast listing!!! It makes me nervous just watching what I have to live up to!!

    Koda MD
    PS Jack... tell the tall guy he can sleep outside for 15 years if he doesn't sort out his agent management!!!!!!!!!

  5. I didnt do every well... I only recognized Remington and Mango, besides Darwin. Im definitely not the winner.

  6. Jack you know you can not please half the people half the time so just stay in your happy place!!
    Madi and I did not get many correct answers on the quiz but we assure you by the time the movie is over will will know each and every one of you.
    Oh and we were able to break the code on the phone number it is
    919 2255 5225...(or Call Jack)!!!
    Madi and Mom

  7. Yuh, I got ME right for sure. Hey! I am liking your song ideas, but the matching words are not my forte so you are on your own there. But momma says oh please no brady bunch music. Might try a bit of rawhide! Keep them doggies rolling. Too obvious?


  8. PS please drop by to celebrate Dad's b-day today..we think TG will like the video at the end.
    Oops I forgot I'm
    Miss Kitty

  9. A wonderful cast of "characters" for sure...
    I was watching Bonanza on TVLand this weekend and there was a great episode about Walter the Dog...

  10. How did the shootout go? Good standoff & ready to shoot the ball. Like the hats? Adds something. We only got 3 or 4 and you Jack was one of them.

  11. I was having trouble with my cowboy boots yesterday so I didn't even have time to write any of them down....

  12. My comments don't seem to be posting....

  13. Uh Oh....I will make sure to take notes and study this time. I was out yesterday and no one brought home my schoolwork for me....


  14. I did pretty well--if 50% is a good score. I love the shootout picture, especially all the balls dotting the horizon!

  15. Jack, I think it's best to stay in your happy place. Thats where I have to go now since I wasn't cool enough or blonde enough to be in your production...UGH, life is so unfair!

    Eh, well, I guess I'll go chase some tree-rats while your daddy barks orders at ya!

    Who is the lucky guy NOW?!

    Wags and woofs,
    Mack and Mia

  16. Jack you are so funny! I ran into your namesake yesterday (the foster dog I named after you) and he said he hopes he can be a Cowboy Dog just like you someday!

  17. TG you are too observant!!! We didn't even think about the Disney Princess card showing!! That was actually Madi's b-day (3/11) card from either Rem or Riley and Star...the custom in the family is to leave up one's b-day cards until the next person has a b-day. LOL
    Madi and Mom

  18. howdy jack
    ush pibble texans are furry much exciteables about your cowboy film. please to add a shout out or a yeehaw to ush pibbles down here in the great lone star state.

    southern fried pibble sugars
    the pittie pack

  19. Hi Jack, I didn't do very well. That's cause I take after my mommy. I'm lousy when it comes to tests. Why couldn't I have taken after my daddy??? It was fun though.

    "Missing some marbles in Texas"-Star.

  20. Howdy Jack, We love your theme song! You've been one busy pup with your new TV show...we're waiting to see the series soon.

  21. I got a few! Are we all in?
    Don't get in a shoot out before the kick off debut, ok pal?

    Hugs and snaggle-tooth kisses,
    Sierra Rose

  22. Well I knew MYSELF : ) OK I knew a few as well!!!
    Now give us TG # again??