Friday, April 23, 2010

April 23, 2010


I have been watching thousands of videos while looking for
the next superpup to star with me in my exciting new TV series:

You'll notice how excited I am at all the talent that is out there
in puppy land!

You'll also notice that I did NOT jump on the table
(even though I wanted to!)

You may even also notice the black couch behind me.
The tall guy said to tell you that that is my sleeping couch
because he does not want you to think that he is a bad housekeeper
because of all the dog hair on it.

So please start preparing your stuff if you would like
to be a part of the most exciting TV program
ever in the whole entire world of TV.
Even better than Lassie
(who, by the way, was really a boy
even though they called him Lassie!
Which reminds me of a nice puppy
called Darwin
who is really a girl!)
Note: There will NOT be a swimsuit competition this year!

Or have your agent call my agent!

The answers to yesterday's puppy parade:
1 - Toto (from the Wizard of Oz)
2 - Santa's Little Helper (from The Simpsons)
3 - Petey - (from Our Gang/Little Rascals)
4 - Bullet (Roy Roger's Dog - I thought it was Rin Tin Tin too but it's not)
5 - K-9 - (from Doctor Who, the BBC Science Fiction show)

Congratulations to both Remington and Samantha
who came OH SO CLOSE
to winning this brand new 2010 BMW Luxury Convertible!
(Oh, did I forget to tell you that was the prize???)

If only they had gotten ALL 5 answers correct!
Better luck next time!


  1. After Toto too, nothing else mattered....

    PeeEssWoo: Are woo a good dog or a bad dog?

  2. Well....bummer - can't believe my glaring error heheh! But can't WAIT to see the SHEW!!!

  3. JAck
    The only one we got right was Toto. Boy!! Too bad Remington didnt win the car, Star sure would have looked really sharp riding in it!!


  4. Jack you have excellent self control to be able to keep yourself from jumping on the table right into the monitor. Was there food involved in your self control? You have one fine voice too. Mom jump a bit at the first bark.
    TG all of us have pets, we don't notice pet hair it is just part of the house decor.
    Happy Weekend Madi and Mom

  5. We thought you were frozen in fear at first...but not you Jack!
    We are all prepared to be in your most exciting TV program ever, KemoSabe, but Mom says we have to be home by bedtime.
    Licks and sniffs,
    Zack, Sassy and Buddy

  6. So close! That sure is a nice car! You did very well not jumping on the table. Thanks for telling us about Darwin. She is a pretty girl -- it that your girlfriend? I look forward to your TV show. I know it will be a big hit! Just make sure it's not on TV on Sept. 9th at 7:30 because the Vikings are playing the Saints.

  7. If we had known what the prize was we would've been googling for answers! :)

  8. Getting a Puppy!!!!
    Oh TG I almost got a puppy at lunch today.
    Oh my word....I was at a local shopping center taking some pictures of high school Earth Day Art when the most ADORABLE puppy(looked like a beagle/boxer mix) came out of one of the shops. He was with his foster mom at her shop for the day. I asked permission to take his picture. I will post a picture of him and his story next week. What an unexpected opportunity. I really and truly nearly said I'll take him. Then I had a reality talk with myself. Madi is twice his size right now. Madi's Mom

  9. TG that was just too funny...I believe you are talking to Madi.

  10. we cant wait to see your tv show
    im sure guero will be having his people call your people soon
    tee hee

    pibble wiggles
    the pittie pack

  11. Wow Jack. u did real Good. Thanx for making us Labradawgs proud.

    Is that superb vehicle still up for grabs?
    would love to go on a long drive in it. m sure it will have all amenities like chilled refreshments and treats

    wags, Ginger and Buddy

  12. My mom remembers when the Simpson's got Santa's Little Helper. :-)


  13. Tall Guy needs to remember who his audience is. That is so not messy.


  14. Wow Jack, you were ever so polite, you didn't even TRY to get on the table!!

    Dory is trying to think about what kind of audition tape might work best for your show...hmmmmmmm

    The Mama (and Dory too!)

  15. Good job Jack! You were good about not bouncing off the table. Tell TG that he should just get a lighter colored couch and it'll be all good : )

  16. When does Jack start driving lessons?


  17. You are an excellent talent scout Jack! We like how you offer positive feedback with a smiling tail as you review the videos :)