Thursday, April 22, 2010

April 22, 2010

(I don't think the people who make cowboys hats
have got the puppy ear thing just right yet!)

Hi, Cowboy Happy Jack here.

After watching a LOT of TV Westerns, I've decided that I am
missing something for my new TV show!
That's right.
I need a faithful sidekick who can sometimes provide comic relief!

I've looked at a lot of resumes these past few weeks.

but none of those don't seem to be a good fit.

So, here's your chance.

If you would like to be my new sidekick for our bound-to-be-a-hit TV series

please drop me a line and let me know.

Good luck.

And may the best puppy (or feline puppy) win!

And just so your peoples don't feel left out,
see if they can tell you the names of the 5 puppies above!
(The first one who gets it right will win an
autographed 8 x 10 picture of
Cowboy Happy Jack
suitable for framing
or to put up in your chicken house!)

OH!!! Look what I found (courtesy of Twinkie and Norwood)

Pretty cool huh!!


  1. So its Pardnar Jack is it?
    Great hat, but I agree, the slackers didn't think of it fitting a puppyhead! No, of course they didn't!

    Looking forward to seeing who gets the sidekick role! By dog they will be lucky! I would love to but I'm not qualified!

    Koda MD

  2. Well, since sidekicks are supposed to be there for comic relief, Rusty the Rooster would volunteer. If he could focus on anything, of course.

  3. Morning Jack!!!
    Mom said #1 was Toto and # 4 was Rin Tin Tin!!
    Boy that was one scary video...Mom squealed really loud!!
    Madi would like to be your sidekick.
    Her qualifications are:
    1. she is quick on her feet
    2. she has one fantastic sniffer
    3. she has night vision
    4. she is NOT a picky eater.
    5. she looks very good in a hat, check out her picture on our sidebar
    6. she is a great stalker, as noted earlier this week
    Her one FAULT
    1. She can be a bit of a D I V A requiring all creature comforts 24/7.
    Madi and Mom

  4. That is an awesome clip, Jack! But your costars are a little lame. Every western cowboy has a lady friend. So if Tootie doesn't get the Top Dog model gig, she'll be available.


  5. Ha ha!! I volunteered Cabana to be Jack's sidekick yesterday, but now I see she has a lot of competition for that spot. Our biggest qualification? We can give Jack a really nice photoshopped cowboy hat (one without macramé like the one he's got on today).

    Plus, Cabana would look really cute with Jack, don't you think?

  6. oohhh Darwin's never seen a western, but I think she'd make a great sidekick!

  7. Okay you have me on this one....1. Toto 2. Santa's Little Helper 3. Petey 4. Bullet 5. ? you got me on that one! Now you HAVE to tell me! I think I would be a good side kick for you. I look good in hats and I am a big guy and can help you out in tough spots! Your video was really good -- but you got pretty close there buddy!

  8. Hi Jack - you sure look like a great western he-roo roo roo! Not sure if I have the quals. to be your sidekick, but you've got some takers! And saw this great movie at Norwood's - super wonderful! Also tried on the five - would love a pawtographed picture of a big Jack star on my wall, but I don't watch a lot of TV or movies...
    1. Toto
    2. Santa's Little Helper
    3. Petey?
    4. Rin Tin Tin
    5. K9 the Robot Dog?
    Big Hugs xoxoxo

  9. Jack you are one handsome dude!!! Since you are a western star, you probably will need to have a talk with the hat designers. So it fits around your wonderful puppy ears.

  10. Westward Ho! I'm game! I'm ready for the sidekick job! Let's go pal!

    Hugs and snaggle-tooth kisses,
    Sierra Rose

  11. Dory says she will be your sidekick....Bilbo says he would SO be your manager!!


  12. Me! Me!!! Pick Meee!!! I want to be your sidekick Jack! I need some adventure in my life. It's gotten BORING around here...same thing day in and day out. I want to go out WEST where the gunslingers are and bite the bad guy's ankles! Or would WE be the bad guys?? Either way, I'm fine with it. It's raining here today, but when it stops I could stowaway on a stagecoach or a train and be there in a week or two... yippee ki yea!

  13. Jack
    That was one wierd movie!! lol I am good at riding bikes, horses and climbing trees, so I would be a good side-kick!! Just let me know and I will be right there!!


  14. Sam would really like to star in your movie! Does it help that he was raised around horses?


  15. Jack, if anyone can pull off a new hit show - it's gonna be you☺

  16. Pick me pick me - I am a country boy, well ok not anymore but I am sure I can look stylish with that hat too!!!

  17. Pick me...we make a good looking couple, you know, like Roy Rogers and Dale Evans!
    Giddy up,

  18. Howdy!
    Sage told me she would love to be Jack's side kick. I think they'd make a great pair!

    Sage (& Erin)

  19. The Mango wants in! I could totally be your sidekick because I am smart and clever and smart and, um, yuh, like that. I am your dog provided that we don't go west of the Rt. 495 force field.