Wednesday, April 28, 2010

April 28, 2010


What's a scrip?

Is this a scrip?

(TG: PSSST..... It's SCRIPT!)

Oh well, what's a script?

TG: That's all the words the actors on TV have to say.

WHAT? You mean they just don't make it up as they go along.

TG: Only on the Fox news shows.

I didn't know we needed to do words.
I don't know if I even KNOW enough words for a whole script!
I sure could use your help to write the script
for our fantastic new TV series/movie*.

Here is how YOU can help!

1) Tell me if you want to be a good guy/girl,
a bad guy/girl, a townspeoples, or a specific character.

2) Tell me if it's ok to kill you off.
(Who knows - one of the bad guys might come in
and get rid of the whole town!)

I need a line of Western dialogue
(the tall guy says that means the words you want to say).
If you're a really good writer, you can have TWO lines of dialogue.
(If you are one of the brave peoples that have more than
one furry child,
you can send in different dialogue for each one.
The tall guy says you are very kind and good for
taking care of more than one pet!)

The tall guy says then he'll take all the dialogues and make it into a movie.

So start crackin'.
This show ain't writin' itself! :)

*PS - The tall guy said if it turns out REALLY good we can enter it into
Norwood's Pawdance film festival!


  1. I think I khould be the town wikhked one ;-)

    Floofy tail and all!

    PeeEssWoo: It is FAUX news - not Fox...

  2. Mmmmmmm

    Koda "The Lasso" MD
    Koda The Kid...
    Quickshoot Koda

    I don't mind if you kill me off, It would make my character memorable, "Somthing ornerys happenin' over in them thar hills Cowboy Jack!"

    Good luck with the TG's scripting... If I was you, I'd use that time to snooze, it might take a while....


  3. After careful review of your casting decisions, here is what I, Mango, have to say;

    "Labradorks! Sheesh! This place is totally overrun. Hide your tennis balls! And quit trying to put a saddle on me. As if!

    Oh yeah, I am a good guy, right? But am game for whatever acting skills are required even (gasp) a dramatic death.


  4. Hi Jack and TG....
    Miss Kitty's script (words) should have lots of Southern drawl making all words longer than they really are, no 'g' on her words. She should add darlin' or honey after everyone's name.
    Sample script #1: "Matt daaarlin' you are lookin' so haandsome today you give me the vaaaapors".
    Sample script #2: "Bless your heart heart Chester honey you are lookin' plum worn out from chasin' after that pack of wild dogs.
    Of course Miss Kitty is a good girl and runs an upstanding saloon.
    Madi and Mom

  5. Tootie has a streak of Native American in her (being from Oklahoma and all) but she refuses to be a squaw. Every Western needs Indians. Script:

    Indian: Hmmmm...
    Jack: I see smoke on the horizon!
    Indian: (nods head.) Hmmmmm
    Jack: And outlaws!
    Indian: Hmmmmm...grunt.

    Since all of my family is of Native American heritage except me, I can safely say that they only talk like that in the movies.


  6. This movie is going to be pawsome!

  7. I think you were right Jack. It's scrip. (i before p except AFTER t (and sometimes y and 2 u's))

    Bobo and Meja

  8. If Mia and I were allowed in your production then...

    I, Mack would wanna be a bad guy because I’m coooooool and I guess you can kill me off if you have too…
    My line would go like this…” I reckon you’ve been lookin for a labradude like me”

    I, Mia want to be a good girl because I am clearly the only one with manners in my home…I mean seriously…I live with MACK ATTACK – nuff said. You gotta keep me alive though because if my brudder was ever gone that means I would get double bones and double treats and double noms! JACK POT!
    My line would go like this…”You need a gal with the whole kit and caboodle”

    Wags and Woofs,
    Mack and Mia

  9. I would like to be a good guy with a white hat that saves a cute little girl....

    I could say -- "Hey little missy, I'll save ya". Then I could jump on someone one and get drool on them....I am really good at that!

  10. I would love to be the cute little girl saved by Remington...
    "Oh, Kind Stranger, what a big, handsome, drooling head you have! You're my hero!"

    Mom wants to know if you rec'd the YouTube she sent yesterday?

    Giddy Up,
    CowGirl Sas
    (My Stage Name)

  11. Oh I'd like to help 'round up those dawggies, but am terrible about 'scrip writin'. I finks I probly be a bit scart o' things, but wantin' to try real hard to stay 'live and do whats I'm tol'. So... not sure what my stage name be, but... here goes:
    Me: "We aim t'be goin' there? Y'know of any gal like me gone through all that to get down yonder?"
    Jack: (smirk on face) "This dog's got too much sense to try."
    Yee Haaaahhhhh,

  12. hmmm the pittie pack finks that you should add a meand guy and good guy TOOT OUT!!!
    tee hee hee hee

  13. Hmmmmmmm..

    I, "Dorable Dory", could be the town barmaid and say something like...

    "Howdy Handsome, what's your poison?"

    Award winning Smileys!

  14. Okay, I'll be "Handsome Tank" and when Dory asks me "what's your poison?" I'll say "Give me a tall drink of water doll face." Then another dog (doesn't matter who) gets jealous and mad cause he really likes Dory. He says "Let's settle this outside dude." We go outside and even though I'm vertically challenged, I'm the best gunslinger around. We walk away from each other and quickly turn around with pistols drawn. I shoot first and the other dog, in slow motion, falls to the ground. He's dead and I get the girl. The end.
    OR I could be Tank Holliday and take an instant dislike to Johnny Mango which results in a gunfight. I say to Dory "Do you think I should hate him darlin'?" She says "You don't even know him." I say, "Yeah, I'm sure I hate him." We go outside for the gunfight and before I shoot Mango dead I say "Why Johnny Mango, you look like somebody just walked over your grave."
    I'm sure I could plagiarize many other movies... just let me know.
    Good luck!
    P.S. You could also kill me off... I don't mind:)

  15. Hi Jack,

    Could you kindly cast us as the characters? Thanks!

    1.Star: Cute little girl cause me and Rem are going steady you know?

    Riley: Saloon Owner.

    2. "HAIL NO!"

    3. Star: "Kiss me Cowboy Rem, butt whatever you do, don't swallow me!"

    Riley: "Get out of my Saloon or I'll toot your butt off!"

    Can't wait tp see it! What fun!

    Riley and Star.

  16. I can't wait to see dis movie!
    If you need a suave, Don Juan type character, I'm your man, TG!

    Cloud Suave

  17. This is going to be good!!!

    1. Cabana would like to be a complicated character, where lines of good and evil are not clearly drawn.

    2. No dying scenes, but in this case, full nudity is okay.

    3. "Jack, you are a low down, no-count, filth eating, food-lovin' scoundrel. I think I'm falling for you."

  18. Hey Jack, just a quick note to let you know that my brother Leo is letting us use his Percheron on the set. So we now have a horse!

  19. You'd better be outta town on the 3:10 Santa Fe to Yuma or you'll be pushing up dasies over on boot hill by 3:300.

  20. Hey Jack...hmmmmm...I'm up for a storekeeper/bartender role...there's gotta be the local hangout in a Western, right? I can sling some drinks, refill the watering dishes, provide the munchies to the characters.... Hear all the gossip, and sneaky plots...
    What do ya think?
    I would also be up for a good or bad guy side-kick role :)

    Hugs and snaggle-tooth kisses,
    Sierra Rose

  21. Hey Jack! I'm new here, came by way of Kit. I could be the town Dork that everyone picks on, hehe. I am a bit of a Dork anyway. Or just have me be Billy The Kid!
    Hey Kid, "What you doin with all those Dorky Shirts?" Kid: I am still living at home, so I have to wear what the Maw provides." But they sure hide a six shooter!"
    Check me out at

  22. OK Jack so here's the thing. I want to play an OUTLAW, because in my real world, i'm such a good guy - but my agent Mom wants me to play the Sheriff because I am really good at doing security. So I will leave it up to you to decide...of course there's something in it for you Jack if you make me the OUTLAW...shhhh Mom's coming gotta run!

  23. What fun Jack! I would love to be in it but Momma won't every me b/c she has been crazy busy! Plus she said I would be terrible since I never look at the camera. Still we will be watching the production and can't wait to see you make magic!

  24. He he he! Cows! Of course! I don't know why it did not occur to me!
    So here goes: 1. I would like to be a cow (even though I am a boy)
    2. I would rather not be killed off my momma gets wired superstitions sometimes and well... you know how mommas are! 3. Here are my lines: 'Moooo' and 'plop' (ok that last one is more of a sound effect of a cow pie, not really a line!
    Say, I am not sure if you saw my Key West adventures but I wore a saddle for part of it and twinkie tiny dog rode around on me. If you are having a casting call for horses I could play that too!
    If you need any pics just email me at labramoose at gmail dot com and I will have momma send them immediately!

  25. What a neat idea! If there's room for a good guy's goofy sidekick, I'm your golden. I can say stuff like "Want I should bite him, Tex?" and "Sure thing!" and "Black Bart, you won't get away with this!".
    - Charlie