Monday, April 5, 2010

April 5, 2010

The reason I will never
be on a TV commercial...

Remington can do it.

Augie and Ti can do it.

I got a beautiful card from my friends
the pibbles and family in Hooston.

So the tall guy wanted to take my picture
with the card.

Here is what happened:

Acting is hard!!


  1. I dunno Jack... I was pretty entertained. Maybe TG has not considered your potential for Slapstick Comedy! And to TG: to be fair, from Jack's perspective you do seem to he handing something to him so of course he is going to take it BOL For What it is worth, Everytime I have tried to take Moose's pic with a piece of paper he has tried to eat it! He knows the 'wait' command but if that is not given several times the paper is in his mouth!
    p.s. Jack close your ears, TG- you asked about how Moose lost weight, I added green beans to his meals and cut back on kibble and snacks, every successful labbie weight loss story I have heard has used this method. Moose was on crate rest post-op so exercise was not an option and in fact I was cutting back on food to balance the reduced activity so he could maintain and he ended up losing weight (incl muscle though b/c no exercise) then once he recovered we resumed activity and I really did not increase his food by that much. Now on days where he is more active I give him a little extra but not much. Jack looks great though so I assume you are asking for another chubby labbie pal ;-)

  2. oh dear..same thing happens here. I am so bad about mail of any a crazy woman! I usually destroy the envelope while Mom is reading the actual card...

    Licks from me!!


  3. Acting IS hard... it all comes down to the "is it worth it?"

    Me: Answer is no, unless there are copious amounts of snacks involved.

    Koda MD

  4. He got your picture. With the card. What's the problem with that?

  5. That looks like a fun game. Hehehe.


  6. Oh Jack Jack Jack!!! We think that 'WAS' a pretty card. Were you hungry? Jack you must know how very much I like you and I do so hate to say this but..............even a feline puppy can pose with a card!!! That being said a card is all about enjoyment and you most certainly enjoyed it.
    Mom and I were LOL!!!
    Madi and Mom

  7. LOL! Oh Jack! TG must have missed those early training opportunities--Ti had a party hat on his head and posed for a picture on the day we brough him home, see?

    (And Augie was actually in a commercial for Al Frank Mutual Funds, hehehehe.)

    I know TG will work on your training... (It involves treats!)

  8. Jack, if it were easy, would actors get paid kazillions of dollars for doing it? I am just proud of you for staying on the sofa in one place. Tootie would have been to China and back in the time it took to make your movie! And I'm equally proud of TG for actually being able to load video onto the blog. I have had a lot of trouble with that lately.


  9. Hey Jack you are suppose to sit nice and let the Tall Guy put stuff around you and take your picture and then you get a treat. It's easy....and the treats are really good! Just remember DON'T eat the props!

  10. Actually, I think you are doing a good job of acting! I was thoroughly entertained by the whole movie! Good job!
    Hugs xo

  11. Maybe I'm just hard up for entertainment, but I watched it twice. Laughed out loud. Better than a donkey in Jamaica!

  12. Oh yah Jack,
    I hate it when they put it right in front of us and expect us NOT to grab it, whats up with that?? I do the same thing, so dont feel bad lol


  13. Good thing you don't take Jack on duck hunting trips. You might end up with duck paste! I'm going to try the card holding trick with Cabana and see what she does. I doubt she'd be much more compliant than Jack!

  14. Oh Jack -

    What were you suppose to do when TG offers you something so tasty. It would have been rude to refuse it!

  15. Still working on it with Luna! Keep it up Jack, your too cute not to be in commercials ;)

    Elizabeth & Luna

  16. Jack, I think you were trying to do it right!! I was entertained watching you so maybe you are perfect for being a movie star dog!!!

  17. Jack you are so my kind of dog! We are on the same wave length!

    Wags and Woofs,
    Mack and Mia

  18. *giggles*
    Super cute though. . hehe

    Woo Woooo
    Shiloh, Shelby, and their Mom

  19. Well Jack. It all down to your genes. You a type of doggy designed to hold things in your mouth. Maybe you need to learn that whole 'leave' thing.
    ~lickies, Ludo

  20. For me, it's the OSCAR for you! You are a natural! ;)

  21. Jack...that really looks like it was a set up to me!


  22. It is definately a skill that one is born with - Sam can't do it either!


  23. Jack --did the TG put peanut butter on the back of your card??

    Cheyanne, RG

  24. Acting is apparently hard for TG too. I didn't buy his gasps for one minute BOL

  25. Oh Jack, you crack me up!!! Isn't it great fun to exasperate the pawrentals? ;-)


  26. You did better than me Jack. If it's paper, I need to eat it. It was good to see you in action - you are still a puppy in a big body!

  27. I think you did a MARVELOUS job Jack!