Saturday, April 24, 2010

April 24, 2010

On Location
With Cowboy Happy Jack

Howdy Pawtners!
Today we're off scouting shooting locations for our new series:

Striving for the utmost realism for our new show, I'm taking some time out of my busy rehearsal schedule to see if I can find places that will truly reflect how it was living in the old West. Like in 1974 old!!

Here I've come upon a waterin' hole. I don't know why anyone would want to water a hole, but it seems like all the westerns have to have one.

And of course you have to run across a bunch of THESE before you find the waterin' hole. This is the no-waterin' hole. This is where at least one of the guest stars for the week has to come to die because they didn't listen to you when you told them there wasn't any water in that direction. I think this will be a pretty good place for dyin'. (And possible Emmy nomination in the 'best dying scene next to a no-waterin' hole because you didn't listen to Cowboy Happy Jack' category!)

That reminds me, everyone needs to practice talking without putting a 'g' on the end of words. Evidently the letter G wasn't invented in the old West. They had this letter (') instead.

Our next location is on MARS. Yes, our new TV series

may include some SCI-FI elements to attract the young geeky-nerdy types. Maybe our wagon train will be attacked by aliens and we will be transported to distant planets. Who knows? Certainly not the writers!!

I don't think this helmet fits quite the way it should!


Casting news for the new series will be posted shortly! All of my bloggy friends have so much talent, it was easy to find the best of the best to star in our new show.

So, here's Cowboy Happy Jack, wishin' you a rootin' tootin' hi-falutin' shootin' scootin'...

(TG: That's enough. Say good-bye now.

CHJ: 'ood bye!)

An important note from the TG:
I was reading Khyra's blog yesterday and she brought up a very scary point. Do you have your blog backed up? I didn't (I kept a pdf file until recently - when my computer crashed and burned!) So, I'm trying the WordPress backup to see if it will keep a copy of the entire blog (not just the last post). I would hate to think about losing almost 2 years worth of work (and I should have known better!) I'll let you know how it goes!

5 minute later update!
It seems to work pretty well. I would give it an A-. It copied over all the stuff WITH THE EXCEPTION of BLOGGER VIDEOS - the YouTube videos came over fine. There are some formatting issues, but as long as the content is there, I don't have a problem with that. The issue with the blogger videos may be something that I can correct (as I haven't used WordPress before). It took about 4 minutes to copy over 500 posts AND the comments AND the pictures as well. It only takes a few minutes to set up a WordPress account. So thank you Khyra and Khyra's mom for reminding me to do this!


  1. So, is it 30 Sekhonds to Mars?

    PeeEssWoo: Thanks fur the barkout to us - thanks fur the tails up - we might just do that - we don't have ours barked up either - dog furbid what would I do if my khorner khrashed?

  2. very exciting new reality show! The west looks very dry! Maybe you should carry one of those flask barrel things like the St Bernards do incase you can't make it to the next watering hole!
    I was in the process of migrating to Wordpress a month or so ago and was very impressed with how easy it was to import everything. I did not notice that about blogger videos but I only have a few of those so I guess it was not obvious anyways. Definitely a good idea...

  3. Jack
    So how do we do this Word press deal? I never thought about loosing all my blogs and I am not the sharpest on the tech stuff. My e-mail is on my blog if you can send us instructions we would appreciate it. Your searching spots looked pretty good, kind of a small watering hole though!!


  4. Back up the blog, what a concept!! Will have to try wordpress. Thanks for passing on Phyll's tip. As for the helmet: lose it for a beret, then have Jack carry around a baguette to pummel the bad guys with. I think the geeks would go for that.


  5. Oh ish! We worry about that too, but momma is far too lazy to back up the bloggy.


  6. Lookin' forward to the show, ya all....

  7. No back up here either... in fact, if you can believe this... my assistant ON PURPOSE deleted EVERYTHIN' a few months ago. She likes to DELETE stuff. Sometimes I worry about her getting upset with me and deletin' ME! Well, if you ever notice that I'm not visitin' and leavin' comments here... you'll know what happened:( Please mention it on your blog Jack.

    Here lies Tank
    It's not a prank
    The argument was heated
    Now he's been deleted.

  8. Hi Jack.....Madi told me to tell you she gets the vapors when she sees handsome Yellow Labs in hats. Happy Weekend and we are glad you enjoyed our collage and had good memories.
    Madi and Mom

  9. Western, Doggie Sci-Fi, now that ought to appeal to the masses!
    Thx for reminding me to back up blog, it's been a while since I've done it!
    And thx for info on thundershirt, etc....
    I've given Zack a melatonin this morning, (storms are approaching), and he seems to be resting right now.
    Happy rootin', tootin', pootin' weekend to you!

  10. Hmmm...I will need to talk to Daddy about this bloggie back up stuff, Mama and I are pretty clueless!!

    Can't wait to see where you decide the setting for Westward Ho is going to be!!


  11. Hi Jack, I'll need to learn more about this back up blog thing. Thanks for the reminder. I'm looking forward to see your new show.