Tuesday, January 12, 2010

January 12, 2010

Who needs snow
when you've got dead grass to roll around in?

Sometimes when I am outside, I simply like to lie around and smell the world go by. It is especially nice when I'm out lying on what used to be called grass. The tall guy says it is now called 'Jack, stop rolling around on the ground or else you'll have to take a bath when we get home!' This seems like an awfully long name for dead grass, but maybe it's a scientific term or something. I have learned a few interesting facts about Cynodon dactylon (scientific name: JSRAOTGOEYHTTABWWGH) which I would like to share with you.

If you roll around long enough, the grass will cover up your bald spots
(if you have any).
I know one or two puppies who could use this trick
after they've been to the barber shop

I'm trying to do this.
But I'm not quite there yet.
Yoga is hard,
especially on dead grass!

Lordy, lordy, lordy!
(That's what the tall guy said HIS mom would say to him when he was being silly!)
Dead grass tickles!

Don't even THINK about heading back to the car yet.
I'm waiting for someone to tell me how handsome I look!
Especially with my luxurious shiny hair against the dead grass.

What do you mean I'm looking COY?
My name is Jack!
Oh, coquettish.
Why didn't you say so?!
I would like me some salmon coquettishes.
Well, like I'm supposed to know the difference!

So, there you have it.
Make sure next time you're outside that you get some dead grass
to bring back in your house with you.
And some of those salmon things too!


  1. You have that down all right. Unfortunately, we won't see grass for another four months! :)

  2. Can't find any grass, but I would definitely like to try the salmon!

  3. Jack
    You do look handsome laying on the dead grass!! We dont see any grass here for awhile still.


  4. I feel itchy all over watching you roll in the dead grass...gotta go take a bath...I think you could use one too!!!

  5. Khoy is good!

    I wonder if woo khan find one and roll around on it?


  6. Jack you look good with dead grass or without.

    Chrissie and Ben

  7. Jack, dead grass seems to give you a certain debonair look about you - a man about town aura. Furry cool!☺

  8. mmm salmon! darwin prefers mud over grass... living or dead

  9. i wish we had grass. we have dirt. and redwood trees. and dirt. and dirt. and more dirt. you are lucky to have dead grass!
    wild dingo

  10. It's really like a loofah, or sea salt scrub at the spaw. Tell the TG you are just saving money when you roll in the grass.

  11. Ok, ignoring the snow thing we have going, but don't have grass in the summer either. Apparently six dogs are not conducive to grass.

  12. Hi Jack! Looks like you´re having lots of fun there!

  13. Hi Jack...next time you are out rolling around in the 'grass' tell TG you are giving yourself a derma abrasion treatment...aka getting all the dead skin and hair off so the new can grow.
    Madi and Mom

  14. Hey Jack, only a clever pup like you could turn the dog park in to a day at the spa.

    Licks and slobbers,

  15. Tootie can't wait for dead grass...all she has right now is brown snow left over from Christmas Eve and she refuses to go outside in that! When we get our January thaw and she gets her last parvo (you know, shhhh....shot) then she can go outside and see why you like all that dead grass!

    Liz and Tootie

  16. Boy if I did that Beth would have a brush and comb out there so fast.... You are lucky the Tall Guy lets you do that. Looks like fun!

  17. Looks like a lot of fun Jack!! I rolled in leaves last week and guess what?? I got covered in POO! Mom was NOT happy!! Someone left it in a pile of leaves at the park--the nerve!! I was rushed home and bathed ..I am not a fan of bathing..did I ever mention that??? BOL!!

    Licks from me.........

    Olive :)

  18. Jack, I'll trade ya - dead grass fur 2 feet of snow. BOL!


    PS. My mom is Coy... BMTO!!!!

  19. From Tucker and Maslow: Jack, our mommy uses a dust buster when we do that!

  20. Your link in "I'm trying to do THIS" sent our poor momma off the chair, and I was on her lap. Easy there, Jack. You're going to get somebody hurt. BOL!

  21. HI Jack, I managed to roll around in the snow enough to actually find the grass. And I look just like you when I roll in that wonderful grass. But my grass is still green even under the snow! You can come here and roll in my green grass anytime!! Hugs and wags, Mistaya

  22. We have dead grass Jack and I totally get what your saying!!


  23. did some one say bath????
    we just hate that word we're running away now just in case mommish gets any ideas
    the houston pittie pack

  24. Grass? What grass? We have snow. And underneath the snow is buried piles of poop. Ya wanna roll in THAT? (You probably would LOL) ;-)