Wednesday, January 20, 2010

January 20, 2010

Remember When??

Remember the episode of The Andy Griffith Show where
Opie decides he is going to run away from home?

Well, this has absolutely nothing to do with that.

The tall guy took this picture when we were out walking near the house.
We have to be careful when we are out walking here
because of the BUGS!


These are the most evil things ever in the world. I have gotten attacked by them two times
and the tall guy risked his entire life to get them off of me.
So now when we are out walking, he reminds me to watch out for the bugs.
It would be easy if they stayed together like in the picture
but they break off into pieces and blow around.

I even got stuck by one out at the park.
You have to stand very still when the tall guy is trying to get it off of you,
but it still hurts him very much.
So, please be careful when you are out walking
and make sure you watch out for the bugs.

This has been another
from Jack!


  1. That's about the only thing we don't like about AZ...Those blasted, sticky bugs!!!

  2. My Doggy Nanny had a GASP khat she named Cholla -

    That's bekhause they brought her bakhk from AZ -

    Woo are so brave to khonfront those BUGS!


  3. Jack,
    NO sticky bugs here but they look pretty bad and yucky!! With my fur, they would really get tangled up on me!!

    Yes, Mom says she does member when Opie runs away!! lol


  4. Om Dawg! that sounds awful! i lived in AZ and never encountered one of those!

    yucky poo!
    thanks for the warning. hope i never see one of those ever!
    wild dingo

  5. Tall Guy would miss you if you ran away from home but more importantly you would not have the convenience of hand delivered food every day. Think it over before you decide for sure.

    We have a similar bug here in PA but just as nasty! Be careful Jack!

    Chester ;0=)

  6. Holy crap! I'm glad we don't have those kind of bugs here :( Thanks for the PSA and be careful Jack!

  7. Oh Jack you poor thing and TG too for having to pick them off. What in the world I've never heard of those things. I don't think I'd ever go outside unless I was covered from head to toe.
    You and TG are very brave.
    Mom said to tell you she ran away one her G-mas house which was 3 houses away from hers.HA!!
    Madi and Mom

  8. BUGS, stay away...."taking notes"

    Thanks Jack!!!


  9. What are those evil looking things Jack? We don't have anything like them here in Ontario.

    Licks and slobbers,

  10. You have funny stuff in AZ. If we had those here they would be frozen and wouldn't bother you.

  11. wowza! What the dog is that thing?? That looks very me goosebumps!

    Thanks for the heads up!


    Olive :)

  12. Wow Jack, those bugs look painful!!! At my grandmas house in Oklahoma, they have spiney little thorns in the grass. They are terrible!!!


  13. Thank you Jack. I will remind Tucker and Maslow of this when they are out chasing spiders on the patio.

  14. Ewwww! They look terrible! There is a marine critter that is similar to that. ick! Moose is afraid of bugs... or at least when he sees me see a bug he runs and hides ;-)

  15. Got me! I checked out the video. Boy, it was black and white. How old do you think I am? Mommy may have seen it though. Anyway, sorry about the bug inconvenience. I think you should ask for some bug spray to keep those nasty spines away from you. My friend Mable had some of those stuck on her and wouldn't let her mom pull them off. Well, guess who suffered longer than necessary.

  16. Those are yucky....glad we don't have them here in Oklahoma! We just have those pesky "stick tights" and those darn things hurt!


  17. be vewy careful jack
    we dont want your handshum and most furry hiney to get hurt
    bella and coco chanel
    could you daddish peemail my mommish your MAILING address we are sending all our furryends valentine kissy cards
    her peemail address is

  18. Oh yuck! We hate bugs! Well, the boys like to EAT bugs (but I don't).