Thursday, January 14, 2010

January 14, 2010


The tall guy and I played a game the other night called MadLibs, and we had so much fun, I thought I would steal the idea and come up with a completely original game called JackLibs which is something I just now thought up and not a copyright infringement at all!

It's a very easy game to play. All you have to do is come up with a word that fits a category and then we will make up a story using your words. Get a pencil ready so you can write down your answers! Here we go!

1) Name of a very handsome puppy who lives with the tall guy and has a blog and invented a game called JackLibs (Proper Noun): ______________

And there you have it. Now we will make up a story using the word that you came up with! Just fill in the blanks in the story below with the word you wrote down above.

A Story About __________

There once was a very handsome puppy named __________. __________ lived in a very nice house that probably cost the tall guy a lot of __________. They loved each other very much and spent most of their time reading the blogs of all their online friends and then playing ________s. One day when ___________ and the tall guy were out riding in their car, they got a flat tire. Well, the handsome puppy (named _________) decided he would help the tall guy, so he got the _________ out of the car and changed the tire. Well, the tall guy was so impressed that he said they should go to England and hoist the Union __________ in honor of ______. But first, the tall guy said he had to make some money. He had to hurry in case the airlines decided to ______ up the prices. So, he found a stranger standing next to the road and said "Hey, stranger, would you like to cut cards so that I can get some money to take ________ to England?" "Sure", said the stranger, so they started. The stranger flipped over his card and it was a TEN! Well, the tall guy knew he had to do better than that so he flipped over his card and, well what do you know!!! It was a

"YEA! I won", said the tall guy. "Uh, no you didn't", said the stranger.

So what is the moral of this story?

The tall guy don't know __________ about cutting cards!!


  1. Jack? I was using Tootie! LOL


  2. Whew, I was worried this story was going to use some other combinations of "JACK"!

  3. Jack your TG is a very very very creative and funny man. You hit the 'jack' pot when you went to live with him. I enjoyed the story very much
    Madi and Mom

  4. Great story!!! We loved it. It was funny.TG is very creative=ooops sorry- Jack you are so creative.

  5. There's another interesting fact that revealed itself in this story...
    Jack, you are now officially smarter than the tall guy. Congrats!

    I loved your comment on Jazzy's blog. Yeah, I get a steak every morning for breakfast too... in my dreams!

  6. Ummmm, by any chance would the handsome pup be named


    PeeEssWoo: Mom says thanks TG fur sharing his past experiences with khapture the khanine!

  7. Hey Jack:

    I love it when I see you at the Park. Even Mum, says it's fun -- even though you muddied her and her chair, lol. Hope to see you and TG again soon.

    Lots of love and licks


  8. Jack!!!!

    Oh Jack you are so clever!!


  9. umm at the end there we thought u were going to use some hbo words whew! nice shtory jack
    you made my mom have the funnish .
    the houston pittie pack
    pee.s could you tell your human to peemail my humas your mailing address for a shpecial valentines day card at
    woof woof

  10. Applause! Applause! Standing Ovation! You out did yourself in the creativity department! THANK YOU for making me smile every day. You and Jack are treasures.

  11. oh JACK! hehe!
    pee ess: I has beed told to ask, what fish were doing on a cliff in the first place.

  12. Very good :)Jack you could be the most clever Lab...I am in awe.

    Mom fixed the permissins on YouTube, she is idea what to do sometimes..what's a dog like me to do?? Sigh..have to love her. She is using Movie Maker tonight to make a new one to test her skills--BOL!

    Licks and Tail Wags--

    Olive :)

  13. You always make my day, Jack. Loved this little game. I tried playing it with my sister too, since it was her birthday, but she doesn't know _ _ _ _!

  14. I'm so glad that stranger didnt' tell you to ____off! phew! And it's lucky that your tall guy didn't go to Vegas play black____ since he doesn't know _______ about cards. But maybe he can take you to the IHOP for some flap_______s since they're cheap and he doesn't need a lot of monay for those.

    Maybe your tall guy can rent you out for monay since you're a ________ of all trades!
    wild dingo

  15. LOL! Mad Libs? Someone must have visited Wendy's fast food restaurant recently... (We usually use the word "poop" when we need a noun ;-))