Wednesday, January 13, 2010

January 13, 2010

Somehow, I don't think this
is what Madonna was talking about!

This story is not for the squeamish, children, or most men!

Well, I thought I had heard of everything,
but now I find out that puppies have something called
'Hey Now Glands'.

These 'Hey Now Glands' are not somewhere
that you can get to very easily,
and sometimes they can get clogged up!

The tall guy noticed that I was
paying a little more attention to my posterior
than I usually do, so he decided that
we had better go see the vegetarian
and have it checked out!
(I like going to the vegetarian - she is very nice!)

I will not go into the things that she did,
but let me tell you,
I should've at least gotten dinner and a movie afterwards!
Butt (LOL) now I feel much better.

if you feel clogged up,
go see your vegetarian.
You'll be glad you did!

Note from the tall guy:
I'm not EVEN going to expand on what Jack has said.
But, I told the VETERINARIAN (vegetarian, sheesh!)
that this is one of the things I'll gladly pay for
if it needs to be done again in the future!

Just a slight update, based on some of the comments:
Jack never did the 'scooting on the floor' trick,
but I could tell something was bothering him.
Fortunately, we got in to see the vet before she closed.


  1. At least your vegetarian is a lady, which means smaller fingers!!!
    We'll pass on our usual "licks and sniffs" to you for a day or two!!!
    Zack, Sassy and Buddy

  2. heh heh yikes! Some doggies seem to have that trouble and others not so much and I am soooo glad moose has not had that problem so hoping he never will. One of his girlfriends scoots around all the time so think that is the problem. Moose is too much of a gentleman to ask!
    As for digestive systems and apples, Moose has no troubles with them and I have gotten comments from several other doggies who eat them whole and must not have troubles with them. I do choose smaller apples (not big Granny smiths that I like!) and only give him one every few days. I have heard that dogs can get bloat from eating too many- generally dogs that live on farms where apples are lying around on the ground and such. Might be a good question for the vegetarian though!
    I should add that Moose has eaten some incredible things with little consequence. The full box of raisin bran caused him some troubles but he held it all day until I got home and let him out where I think many doggies would not have been able to do that! The 2/3rd BIG bottle of fish oil caps? No problems at all! He has a steel stomach or something!

  3. I'm not sure I'll ever look at your tush in the same way again!


  4. My Ma said that she wouldn't do what the vegetarian did for $100!!!

    I hope bet you feel better now, I had that once and it wasn't nice... definately a "OH!"


  5. Jack,
    I like the vegetarian lady too but not for the reason you had to go. Lets hope that it doesnt happen again. Hope you feel better!!!


  6. Ahhhh yes, I've discovered that kind of trip to the vet usually follows the ol' butt glide on the floor. The vet told Pawpa she'd show him how to do it but he said "NO THANKS".

    Grrrrrrs from Gizzy

  7. Oh Jack
    I'm so sorry for you but I must say Mom and I had a good LOL at your expense....but it is TG's fault. He is too funny and has such a way with words. FYI: Kitties have the same problem...we'll NOT me but my sis's first kitty had to have the ---- glands worked on regularly.
    Sweet boy we are glad you feel better and most of all THAT YOU HAVE SUCH A GOOD AND ALERT TG.
    Madi and Mom

  8. Whoa! Learn somethin' new every day!

  9. We haven't had that problem here (YET! Knocking on wood, carrying a lucky horseshoe) but I hear it's the grossest. One of those things it's really worth paying someone else to do! And Jack? I think that lady is your girlfriend now ;-)

  10. Poor Jack -- that would not be a fun thing! Take care.

  11. eeeeeewwwwwwww. that does not sound pleasant AT ALL.
    glad your TG got you to the vet to do take care of it rather than him doing it himself... THAT wouldve been yucky! hehe hope youre feeling better!

  12. I had this "procedure" once... there are no words that adequately describe my complete shock at what happened that day. In fact, I had totally blocked it from memory until I read your post.

  13. Hey Jack, and humans think they have it tough!!! Went through the same thing last summer ( I blogged about it)and wouldn't you know my not-so-bright dad decided to stay in the room with the vet while she took care of my glands...what a dummy!!!! Have a great day!!!

    lotsa licks,

  14. Been there..done that more than once. I scoot often and when I do...OY! It is the most awful act of anything..the things..well, I wont describe my experiences..tis a children's show! I will involved someone having to change their clothes!!!!

    Licks and Scoots Jack!!


  15. YOUZA!!!! I haven't experienced THAT particular visit to the vegetarian yet.....

    Hugs and snaggle-tooth kisses,
    Sierra Rose

  16. Oh my!! We never even thought to think to thought that big doggies like you would have that problem too Jack...we are sooooo sorry. We have to have that done...some of us (BILBO) more than others (ME).

    Not a fun visit to the vegetarian...
    Not so Smiley,

  17. Tucker and Maslow have to go to the vegetarian for that too! Poor Jack. In the big scheme of dog life (running around in parks, chasing cats, sleeping all day, chewing on doggie toys) its quite minor...but explain that to them...they don't quite get it!!!

  18. Oh, I had forgotten about that procedure. My Dalmatian had to go through that several times. I hope my puppies are free of that.

    Glad that you're feeling better now. It seems to be an instant feel better.

  19. OMG, "Hey Now Glands" made me laugh a lot!! My friend Dugan has Hey Now problems too. The vegetarian has offered to train his humans so they don't have to pay every time...but they also feel that it is money well spent :)

  20. Woof! Woof! LOL! I totally understand ... now that I am OLD ... I've gotten that several times so gotta go to the VET. Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

  21. Ouch, Jack! Yodi had the same situation awhile back... Mommy couldn't figure out what was wrong... Yodi walks funny, 'cause, well, he has three legs and always walks kind of funny, but she kind of thought something was wrong, and WHOA. Didn't expect to see what she saw back there. Thankfully, the took care of it superfast.

  22. You like your vet too? I love mine. Anyhow, I realize you don't scoot and that's probably why you were taken straight to the vet's. My sissy and I both scoot when it's time for you-know-what, so our mommy prolongs it because she enjoys having the two scooters around. Not fair!

  23. sometimes Juno "releases" hers on her own... something about "fear pheromone" or "anxiety". sometimes in the car she'll do it. oh my dawg, stinky! not like poo stinky. like rank. poor gal. i had a poodle who had to have them "expressed" a few times a year. some dogs need it done, others not. odd.

    and yes, that is artificial turf in my post. it was DIRT park for a long time. they tried regular grass and it turned to dirt. then they put in that stuff. kind of nice. Now you: What does AGOG mean?

  24. Jack, your story "expressed" this well.

  25. Jack, I had the same problem about a week ago. Mom looked online and found people were having great success by feeding their puppies a few tablespoons of canned pumpkin. So I got some in the morning and at night and it worked wiffout having to go to the vet! WooHoo! I guess it has fiber and bulks up the stools to naturally express the glands. It worked fur us anyway. Something to think about...

    Cloud the comfortable.

  26. When I adopted Scout he would like his butt quite a bit so within a week we were at the vet's office. Poor boy, his were infected. I'll never forget the horrible look on Scout's face when they were expressed - the pain must have been unimaginable because there was a lot of blood and pus. Maybe more than you wanted to know, but those things can cause a lot of problems and pain.

    Once Scout had been with me for about two months and on a better diet we haven't had any problems since. It is good, firm stool that keeps those things cleaned out like a roto rooter had been there☺ Now, I'm sure that's more than you wanted to know☺