Saturday, January 16, 2010

January 16, 2010

Where do YOU sleep?

I've got several places in the house where I like to sleep. So here's my top 8 list:

8. On the old couch
It wasn't the old couch until I started sleeping on it.
I think we need a bigger old couch,
or I need to stop growing!

7. On the rug in front of the new couch,
usually when the tall guy
is watching the HGTVs.

6. On the new couch,
which evidently will soon become the old couch.
Notice the built-in ear rest.

5. In front of the refrigerator,
in case someone tries to get something out to eat.

4. In front of the pantry,
in case someone tries to get something out to eat
when they can't get anything out of the fridge.

3. In the tall guy's bedroom on the floor,
but only when I need some ME time.

2. In the bed next to the tall guy
(He loves it when I run in my sleep -
he says it's like having a vibrating bed
without having to put in the quarter!

I had evidently just woken up in this picture.
I have NO idea how that torn up paper got there.
I think we have squirrels running amok in the house!)

and my number one most favorite place of all to sleep:

1. On the tall guy's head
when HE'S trying to sleep.
(Unfortunately, I don't have any pictures of this.
Mr. Grumpy doesn't find this very amusing!)

So there's my top 8 (why only 8 and not 10? I have no idea).
So where do YOU like to sleep?


  1. Right now, just to the left of my mom on the floor...

    During the evening, my chair...

    Overnight, I fluff Mom's bed - let her rub my tummy a bit then down to the floor by the khloset!

    Woo do look khomfy khomfy khomfy!


  2. well i tends to sleep right next to my mommish but sometime during the night i move around and my tush ends up near her face and well sometime i toot and she wakes up grumpy and saying hbo words at me.but then she just turns me around and we snuggle again.
    wiggles the brinkster

  3. Except for your #1, moose's list is surprisingly similar down to his couch that needs to be bigger, vibrating bed, fridge and all the others. Moose also has THREE of his own beds in the tiny little moose lodge and he does spend time on them too!
    I love the pic of you on the 'new' old couch with ear rest. Looks pretty comfy!

  4. I was out late tonight and missed Letterman's Top 10 List...Your Top 8 List is even better!

    I need your old and new couches...Old for black Buddy, new for yellow Sassy and Zack.

  5. Hi Jack, During the day, I usually sleep on the top of the loveseat, on the couch, on the rug in the kitchen, in my kitchen kennel and if I am hiding from the munchkins, then on the chair under the DR table.
    When we are upstairs, the hallway, on her bed while she is busy with the munchkins or under my moms feet while on the computer and at night in my night time kennel.
    I love your picture on the new/old couch, love the earrest, very nice there Jack lol
    nite nite

  6. Watch out, those squirrels are obviously getting very clever setting you up like that!!

    Mr Koda
    Watching for squirrels...

  7. Happy Saturady Jack and TG...ok this is going to be long.
    1. Mom and I LOL and MOL at your comment on our blog yesterday you two are hilarious.
    2. Mom and I want to 'proposition' you....(no not that). Here's the deal...we send you our pictures you two write the script and 60/40 on the profits? Of course you getting the 60.
    3. Places Madi likes to sleep.....she is the proverbial 300 lb gorilla sleeping any dang place she wants to sleep.
    4. Madi here TG: where did you get the couch with the earrest? I could use one with a 'tail rest'.
    Ok that is it from us for today. Thanks for always making us smile, sometimes making us cry happy tears and for all the inspiration you give us.
    Madi and Mom

  8. Woof! Woof! JACK. Great lists. I can totally relate. Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

  9. Where DON'T I like to sleep??? BOL!!! I sleep everywhere

  10. Tucker and Maslow staged a coup, and took over the new wingback chair. I can't get it back. Militant dogs!

  11. Yeah, sure Jack. You have NO idea how that torn piece of paper got there. BOL. Where do I like to sleep? On my heating pad next to mom at night, my heating pad on the couch during the day, my heating pad in the car before and after my hikes, and when I'm really brave, I like to snuggle against my mother, but I always move before she crushes me. Now, Linguini on the other hand, has done something similar to you. She turned the new couch into an old couch and into HER couch. ;) You better get to work on the new white couch now.

  12. I sleep on the bathroom floor in front of the register. Beth turns the heat down to 65 at night and turns the house fan on so I get a nice breeze on me all night. If I start to get a chill I sleep on the nice warm carpet in front of their bed. I get on the bed when I watch TV (Jay Leno at 9 -- my favorite) but not to sleep. I need my space!
    I think it's funny you sleep on the Tall Guy's head! ha ha ha!

  13. We sleep mostly on the couch. Unless mommy leaves the room then we follow her. Then we sleep wherever she's standing. Which always causes her to say HBO words and 'why are you guys always under foot???' then we give her 'the eyes' and she gets on the floor and cuddles. win-win!

    Oh yeah Jack tell the Tall Guy it's 30 temperatures in Michigan right now... :->

  14. Ti likes to sleep on Augie's butt. We pretend not to notice.

  15. My bed (which is my favorite spot) is in a little corner beside the big bed and I have to be rather creative in my sleeping positions to fit myself in. I think perhaps for that reason I like to sleep in places that I don't really fit, (under chairs, in corners) but of course sometimes any ol' place to flop down will do.

  16. You are very cute when you sleep Jack. That is why you can get away with sleeping on the Tall Guy's head!

  17. You listed great places to sleep Jack! You look very comfy there!

  18. Those look like all great spots!!

    Elizabeth & Luna

  19. Oh yeahhhh!!! Great eight spots Jack! Me....couch...bed...crate... Will have to try the sleeping-on-the-hoomans-head sometime. Thanks for the tip!

    Hugs and snaggle-tooth kisses,
    Sierra Rose

  20. Hi Jack my favorite places to sleep would have to be under the covers, under the bed, in my kennel, on top on the couch(like on the headrest part), next to my mommy in the recliner, and on the pillows in the bed...

  21. really need to try the pillow next to the TG's is much softer than the head itself. But always make sure you are REALLY CLOSE to him....That's where I like to sleep (except next to my Mama not your TG of course...;-))


  22. I have lots of favorites, and Mom says I keep changing my favorite spots - but I will say this - RIGHT in between Mom + Dad...but sideways...hehe they aren't happy about it when I do that...shhhh