Wednesday, January 6, 2010

January 6, 2009

I am a
Labrador Three-triever!

The tall guy said I must be a new kind of dog. Whenever we play ball, I will usually only chase it and bring it back 3 times. So, he said I was a Labrador Three-triever! I told him that by the time he had thrown it away 3 times and I brought it back, I have usually decided that if he wants to keep throwing it away, he can go get it for himself!

So if you would like to become a Labrador Three-triever (AKC breed registration pending), here's what you have to do:

1. Get really excited when the tall guy gets ready to throw the ball. But be careful, sometimes he pretends to throw it when he doesn't. Concentrate! Keep your eye on the ball!! It helps if you jump around and wag your tail a lot!

2. When he FINALLY does throw the ball, run like the dickens! (Note: Run like the DICKENS, not run like the CHICKENS - you would look awfully silly chasing after a ball if you were running like a chicken - unless you were running around like a chicken with its head cut off - then you would just be running in a circle and you would never be able to get the ball). (Note 2: The tall guy said this picture is blurry because I was running so fast. That's right - blame the subject!)

3. OOPS! Make sure you don't over-run the ball, cause then you have to turn around and you'll probably kick the ball with your back legs and then it will go who-knows-where and then you'll have to try to find it and it's just gonna be a big mess.

4. You've got the ball! Around this time the tall guy will usually scream and yell and tell you what a good job you did. Although you may be tempted, do not pretend like you do not know him. Just calmly take the ball back to him. Make sure your tail is held high as you return victorious! If you're in a playful mood, don't take the ball all the way back to the tall guy. Let HIM do some running for a change!

5. This is the most important step! This is where you become a Labrador Three-triever. After the tall guy has thrown the ball 3 times, do NOT go chasing it when he throws it again. Trust me, this is a hoot and a half (or sometimes even a hoot-and-three-quarters)! He has probably thrown it really far away, so you get to watch him walk all the way to get the ball. It is better if you just feign disinterest and look at a cloud or something. Oh, oh - look at that blade of grass!!

And there you have it. Once you have mastered the art of three-trieving, please have your mom or dad get in touch with me and I'll send you your certificate showing everyone that you are an Honorary Labrador Three-triever. Good luck!

(Note from the tall guy: I was just reading Jack's blog and notice that he is always VERY excited. At least that is what it would seem from his 'liberal' use of exclamation points. I think he used like 423 in this post alone. I'll see if I can't help him calm down when he's writing.)


  1. Sassy needs to take lessons from you. I wish she would "chill out" a little when it comes to playing ball...She is a retrieving maniac!!!

  2. Nothing wrong with liberal...

    Khongrats on this pawesome breed dekhlaration!


  3. Picture #5: Look at that tail straight up in the air!
    Note from Tucker and Maslow: Jack, enjoy it while you can. We are now 14 years old, and we don't chase anything anymore: unless its food!

  4. Why calm Jack down? His happiness and enthusiasm makes my day!☺☺☺

  5. Jack,
    Thanks for the info, I will remmeber all this!! You are the smartest dog that knows something bout everything!!

    Paw knocks

  6. You have a very good point there Jack. There comes a time when you wonder if the human ought to start chasing the ball for you!

  7. Hmmmm - we are a Sibe zero-triever. They throw it, they go get it. Thats our rule. Oh, except when we go get it and run further away. That is fun, too.

  8. Ahhhh Jack thank you for making me LOL today. This is so funny. I especially like the not going after the 3rd ball. We don't mind your use !!!!!
    we like them they get us excited. Mom says I use.....a lot. She tries to catch it when I do.
    Smiling big and glad I'm alone since I really did LOL while reading.
    Madi and Mom

  9. I read your post to Tootie....she was very attentive until I got to number 2, then she was off to shake her big pink sock. Sigh. Babies have such short attention spans!


  10. I'm sure this is good info for some dogs, but I don't go after balls of any kind, frisbees or anything else. If somebody throws something, I figure they can retrieve it. I applaud you for having the good sense to stop after 3 times though... I know it's in your nature to retrieve, so this must have happened after much soul searching on your part.

    (nothing wrong with being excited)

  11. Great tips Jack, I will keep that in mind if I ever decide to bring the ball back, BOL!


  12. This tactic seems highly interestin' to me Jack. But it would require major reconstruction of my current programmin' because I cannot count to 3. Now if you have a certificate for a BAZILLION AND 3 I am highly qualified. In other words, I don't know when to quit. LOVE how you do this to irritate the Tall Guy. You and I should both get certificates in Irritation of Humanoids to the Highest degree possible.

    Chester ;0=)

  13. Darwin's a three-triever too! Can a dane be a triever? She always does that! Maybe Jack and Darwin are in cahoots together!

  14. Oh Jack - I love the fact that when Mom's working (and sometimes - not having any fun!) - all she has to do is read your blog and you make her smile! Keep it up!

    I agree with you - 3x is plenty. If you want the ball back - stop throwing it away!


  15. Sounds better than a Labrador No-triever which is what Moose is. I will have him Read your blog and see if I can get him to be a three-triever, that would be progress.
    p.s. I also abuse the exclamation point and am in counseling for it. For that reason I have abstained in the use of them in this comment. Seems pretty dull without them if you ask me.

  16. Right on Jack!!! I think I'm in the three-category...will work on it a bit more and let ya know....

    Hugs and snaggle-tooth kisses,
    Sierra Rose

  17. Wow really DO need to write a "how to" book for puppy dogs!!!

    PS..we like that you are always so excited!!!!!


  18. Thanks Jack! Jack of all trades..BOL!
    by the way...evil cactuses..hmmm, now I am worried I may run into one. Better get that metal comb!

    Licks from me!

    Olive :)

  19. Hi Jack my name is Keiko (key-ko) and Im a puggle and I have a blog too and would love for you to follow it!! I have tons of friends that are golden retrievers including one thats my cousin and let me tell ya he doesnt retrieve at all he goes and runs for it and then has the human chase him!! BOL!!! its too funny to watch!! but anyways I hope you go to my page which is at and click on the button that says follow on the right side of the page and read all my adventures!!! BOL!!! see ya soon!!

  20. Hmm Three-trieving. With four fellas at our place someone is always keen for the ball. But we might try it for a laugh - ignore the ball and then when the tall ones give in and reach for it, snatch it and run away.

  21. I think I am a Golden Three-trieve sometimes!

  22. I realized just how brilliant you are as soon as I'd read the first paragraph. I really enjoyed the breakdown too, but my mother kinda messed it up for me because she was laughing and wouldn't keep it down. I think next time I'll visit your blog on my own.

  23. hey jack thank you soo much for being my friend and leaving all those wonderful comments!! they really made my day!!

  24. Augie and Ti are No-Trievers outside. Do they get an award? They are Masters! "Human throws ball. Dogs stare blankly."

  25. Hey Jack, my trick is fetch the ball but then have Mom chase me around if she wants it back - it's part of the fun. Well she doesn't think so all the time!