Sunday, January 17, 2010

January 17, 2009

Am I supposed to be
interested in this??
(A very short video)

Sometimes I think the tall guy does stuff just to see how I will react
so he can make a movie out of it.

This was one of those times.

It's not a real dog on the computer.
It's a VIDEO!

So next time your peoples try to get you to
interact with the puppies/kittens on the computer,
just give them your
'Jack told me you would try this!' look
and walk away!

And then make them give you a treat for wasting your time!

If you're looking for an INTERESTING video,
look here:
I hope we don't have any of those earthquake things here!


  1. Glad the pup in the earthquake video made it out OK! It was good to see a happy ending w/ so much sadness in the news recently.

    I think you reacted to the puppy
    "screensaver" video exactly as TG had hoped...It doesn't take much to humor him, huh?

  2. It's like the who doggie in the mirror thing. Who's that cute dog? Oh wait...that's me. I knew that!! Uh-huh, I swear I knew that...

  3. Hi Jack,
    Thanks for the tips some time the humans do stupid human tricks that make us scratch our heads. I'm glad to know you didn't fall into the trap. Anyway you've seen enough real puppies to know that one was fake right? It is raining buckets outside my house. I told mom I was glad I wasn't a puppy this morning that one have been one quick trip out and back.
    Madi and Mom

  4. At least you weren't made to watch your silly sister's stupid video over and over! Just make yourself useful and start counting the licks. And stop making our sides ache :)

  5. We are such good entertainment value fur our hoomans!


  6. doooode.... did you get that link off of us on Face book? i laughed so hard when i saw it! you took hte right interest, 1 lick and no doggie, so you go!
    wild dingo

  7. Hey, Jack! Next time just give the computer screen a nice big slobbery lick. That ought to stop TG from making you watch stupid human trick videos. Plus, it really cleans the screen for him. He'll love that!


  8. Well, the ground was shaking in Minnesota today! The VIKINGS WON! I could hear the people hollering all the way from Minneapolis! Did you hear them?

  9. Excellent tips Jack!

    Your pal, Koda

  10. Ti was intently watching Dogtown the other night, so some dogs like that stuff. Really, Jack ;-)

  11. We couldn't watch the whole video - our internet is still giving us fits... We've seen the first half of the video - it is pretty amazing.