Saturday, January 23, 2010

January 23, 2010

I can not believe my eyeballs!

We (the tall guy and I) were at home yesterday, having a very nice calm relaxing afternoon, listening to some music on the computer (music is like television but without pictures), when all of a sudden, the tall guy starts jumping around and screaming like he had been bitten on the butt by one of those bugs!

I jumped up off the couch to see if I could find the bug and pull it off of him, but, upon inspection, he was BUG-LESS!

"What's wrong?", I asked.

"Huh?", he replied.

"Why are you jumping and screaming? Are you in horrible agonizing pain?"

"No", he replied. "I'm singing!"

"Why are you shaking like you're having a fit?"

"HA!", he laughed. "I'm dancing!"

"What is this singing and dancing?", I asked, "and why is it causing you so much pain?"

"I'm not in pain - I'm just happy. You know, like when we chase the ball and you shake your butt because you get so excited!"

"First", I replied, "I do not SHAKE MY BUTT when I get excited. I wag my tail. It's two completely different parts of my body. And two, you're not very good at it whatever it is."


Please send any extra cookies you have this week to me. It doesn't look like I'll be getting very many treats this week. And send pillows. And gently used toys. And maybe even water, unless I can figure out how to work the faucet.

Oh, and when your peoples start to sing and dance, tell them they are great. American Idol great (not the ones they show when they are making fun of people, but 'You're going to Hollywood' great). Just a bit of advice. You can thank me later!

(From the tall guy: Just in case I didn't get around to your blog, I want to thank everyone for their kind advice yesterday! Sometimes it's good to be able to talk to your friends, even if you've never met them before!)


  1. Did he feel like dancing, dancing, dancing the night away?

    Khyra & Khousin Merdie

  2. dont worry jack we have learned to hide our ears under pillows when our mommish decides to "sing"

    slobbers and wiggles
    the houston pittie pack

  3. Jack,
    Ok, I think this post REALLY called for a video. NO? Tall guy just posts the embarrassing videos of you and not himself? Oh, I see how it is. =)
    Have a good weekend, buddy. I hope someone is able to smuggle you some food and water. Sometimes the peeps just can't take constructive criticism- however well intended. Geesh!
    Just give him your puppy eyes and he'll cave soon. Who could possibly stay mad at our 'ol Jack?


  4. I donno tall guy. I think we've met.

    and Jack: um, I think I gotta believe tall guy on this one. Juno's whole butt shakes when she wags too. so if he says it's so, i gotta believe it. maybe he'll video it for you so you can see it.

    wags-n-wiggles (the wiggles are always form juno, cuz she's a wiggler),
    wild dingo

  5. LOL MOL X 1,000
    oh my word Jack you description of TG singing and dancing and your conversation with him about same has left Mom in tears...That was so funny.
    Well we know pups and kits have very sensitive ears so it would be nice if the humans would only sing if they have the GIFT otherwise they should keep the song in their hearts.
    Thanks for the Saturday morning LOL and MOL
    Madi and Mom

  6. Jack, You could be TG's "back-up"...
    Smokey Robinson would have been nothing w/out The Miracles... Gladys Knight w/out The Pips-no way!!! How about "TG and the Pup!"
    Shake your groove thing!!!

  7. Uh - if he posts video of you, don't you think revenge is fair?

  8. Next time he does something strange like that, jump up and start dancing with him! Hoomans love it when we do that!


  9. Jack, peoples call it "shakin' your booty." Try it while you wag your tail. That means you're really, really happy! That might make TG feel better.

    Liz and Tootie

  10. Mike taught me to dance. Feels funny because you just move in all sorts of directions. Maybe have the Tall Guy teach you....

  11. Oh, Jack. What a precious piece of advice, for the rest of your furiends. Unfortunately, it's too late for me. I told mom her voice is scary and she told me mine is too. As for her dancing, I told her she looks like a dancing baboon and she told me I look like a dancing cockroach. It was a tie, and I got fed.
    As for the tall guy... ;) We like food for thought, what did you think? We just want to make yellow snow in here?

  12. Jack, do you want to borrow my Mama's flippy thing so next time you can video it?? The threat of putting it on your bloggie would get you LOTS of treats!!


  13. "Four yes's, DAWG! You're going to Hollywood!!" OK, not really. Sorry.

  14. You go, Tall Guy! Shake your groove thing!

  15. Ohhh Jack - I LOVE dancing! Mom and I dance all the time. You need to get TG to teach you and we can have a pawty!!!