Thursday, January 28, 2010

January 28, 2010

We join our intrepid Indiana Jack as he looks for
the 'Lost Treasure of the Puppy Park Pit'!

Be careful!! It might cave in on you!!

We must find the treasure before the evil 'Legion of Squirrels' finds it!

I'll dig until my paws fall off if I have to!
No hole will be too deep for me to crawl into!

Will Indiana Jack find the lost treasure?
Will he escape from the collapsing sand pit of death?
Will he be able to keep blogging?


(Note from the tall guy: At the park today, Jack started digging furiously. He normally digs, but today it was like he was on a mission. He kept going and going. Then, about a foot down (deeper than in the 3rd picture), he finally found what he was looking for. It was a small plastic toy shovel like you would find children using at the beach. So, somehow, Jack 'knew' that the shovel was buried that deep in the dirt. I don't think it had any smell, but then again, I'm not a dog! I tried to get a picture when it found it, but I only had my iPhone and by the time I got ready to take the picture, he had discarded the shovel and was ready to move on to his next adventure!)


  1. Mom says something about Indiana Wants Me, Lord I Khan't Go Bakhk There...

    As fur the digging, I'm so high on birdseed right now!


  2. Dang Jack... that's some hole you got there. How ironic that you found a shovel after all that digging!

  3. Treasures are always in the most unexpected places... I haven't met any squirrels but I'm sure they would like in on your adventures!

    Your pal, Koda

  4. And exactly how did that shovel get down there so deep? Maybe Jack was excavating his own work?

  5. dude, seriously. GET YOUR DOG TO OBEDIENCE CLASS AND THEN AFTER THAT GET HIM IN SEARCH. (you need some basic obedience to do a decent recall or "jump" onto things people can't walk on.) Dogs that good need to do that job. believe me, i've been watching some search dogs. the REALLY good ones do that kind of stuff jack is doing. I saw one dog in our class, a NEWBIE, a bernease mt. dog, who jumped up on a crate to notify his handler of the person hiding in it. Then another dog, a retreiver, DUG just like jack under the crate to get to the person hiding. dude. it's the nose. seriously. Look at all the SAR dogs on the news. Most of them are NOT GSDs. they're labs or goldens. these dogs are AWESOME at search. give Jack a job. he'll love it. and have so much fun at it. even if you never use it for life, doing the game is a load of fun. and some day may become practical like "find my keys" or "find my hat." One our search friends found a woman's keys at the beach for real! like in reality she lost them and the dog (ok a GSD in this case) found them. you never know when your best friend will be a savior!

  6. Ha ha--you dig a hole only to find a shovel? LOL!

  7. Jack we are impressed with your creative digging that hole is perfectly shaped to fit you. So did you hide the shovel there when you were a puppy?
    Madi and Mom

  8. Jack, you lead such an exciting, adventure filled life. Your talents are endless. You are a true star.

    Licks and slobbers,

  9. For a minute there, I was worried that Jack was digging for something a cat left behind! (Those little fur balls do love a good sand pile!) Glad to know it was just a good shovel. Sounds like digging for buried treasure might be a new game to try!


  10. You found the treasure! Good job! You are the BEST, Jack!

  11. With a nose like that.... wow, Jack, truly you are my hero! BOL!!

    Happy digging!

    Licks from me!

    Olive :)

  12. maybe he got a clue like inspector gadget or james bond and knew the shovel would be there.

  13. Wow... that is amazing! I am sure he smelled it and probably hoped it was something more interesting. I will have to agree with wild dingo (dude is pretty smart for a wild dingo) not all doggies have that drive. I used to think Moose's sniffer was busted but I have since noticed that if he is outside and I open food in the kitchen and then put it away he will go to where the food was opened and sniff around when he is let back in. Really this is just average though. Another black lab buddy of mine would really track by sniffing the exact path someone had taken and he had no training or anything and to me that is above average. Sounds like Jack is something special at sniffering!

  14. The hole is the same shape as your body...very cool!!!!

  15. Go Jack!!! No only for finding your treasure before the legion of squirrels...but for walking away before the paparrazi could nab a shot of it!!


  16. Wow Jack that's amazing! Well they do say Labradors have an awesome sense of smell. That's us!!!! Well I love to dig for stuff too!! Glad you found it!

  17. Jack, you are so talented. Maybe you should be a search and rescue dog???


    PS. I agree wiff Tank!

  18. Next time you decide to go all out, Indiana Jack, I hope you find a silver spoon.

  19. jack, you need to tell your friends, I'm a chick not a dude!
    wild dingo

  20. I think I see a career budding here. He could be one of those search dogs.