Friday, January 8, 2010

January 8, 2010

Hooray for Hollywood!

Here's a suggestion to all you new puppies:
Change your name to NETFLIX. Your peoples will spend hours and hours with you and you might even get some popcorn as an extra bonus!

The tall guy has decided that he is going to watch every movie that is available on Netflix. Even worse, he can now watch them on his computer and not even have to wait for them to come in the mail. (If you're the puppy who goes out to get the mail and you see a red envelope, don't bring it in the house.) I think if he had a refrigerator and a tv in the bathroom, we would never see him again!

I decided that the only way I'm going to get any attention around here is to move to Hollywood and get in the movies myself.

'Mer' and I (she said I could call her 'Mer') got to be such good friends when we made 'Jack and Julia' that I just couldn't say no when she asked me to be in 'Fantastic Mr. Fox' even though it was just a supporting role.

So, next time you're at the movies, keep an eye out for me. I've got an audition for the part of 'Alien #3' coming up soon!


  1. We haven't seen it but we know the buzzword:



  2. JAck,
    You will do great in Hollywood and also in the movies. Maybe the TG will preciate what a wonderful dog he had once you are gone. And if he wants you to come back, you have the ball in your court!! Play your cards right and you will have the TG eating out of your hand!!


  3. We hope to see you at the Academy Awards!!!
    (K-9 Academy)

  4. Hi Jack I just BET you and MER are BFF...she portrayed a great cook and you love good food. Smart Puppy. That was one great movie.
    Happy Friday Jack and TG!! BTW TG we would love to read your book when you write it. I expect if you just printed out all your blog you'd have one FANTASTIC book.
    Madi and Mom

  5. Jack-

    This is PERFECT. Mom can get her Clooney fix...while I get my Jack fix...all at the same time!

    Leave me room on the couch and pass the popcorn...IT'S JACK TIME! -Abbey

  6. Don't forget all your friends when your famous and strutting your stuff on the red carpet.
    (and can I maybe get your autograph?)

  7. Just don't show up on the red carpet nekkid!

  8. While we support your movie career, we like the Netflix stuff. Because we all sprawl out on the couches and watch with our hu-dad.

    Uh - and ALL of the movies? Whoa.

  9. Hi, Jack. Do you realize you're getting us hooked on your blog? Could that be intentional? BOL See you later our movie star! I'll be your number one fan and vote for you when it's time for the Oscars.

  10. pee ess: Mum laughed when you called me patient. I dunno why that could be.

  11. We can see you now -- A star!!! Is TG going to be your agent?? Watch the fine print...
    Ernie, Sasha, & Chica

  12. Great movie choices! Jack and Julia would make a very interesting movie... more interesting than Julie! And Pup, come on now. That'd be perfect!

  13. I knew it only a matter of time before Julia and Jack made it to the netflix market!!!


  14. How did Jack enjoy eating all those 500 and some recipes? Why do I think TG that you had to cook them?!!

  15. I thought that was you in Jack and Julia... :)

    Autograph please....

    Licks to you. Have a super fab weekend!

    Olive :)

  16. Jack, my mom and dad luv netflix too. The way I see it, it gives me more cuddle time. I think you will look pawsome on the red carpet. Will you still remember us when you become a famous actor..?


  17. I love the PUP in the air...that is fabulous!!

  18. I like you most in your Mr. Fox costume Jack - cracked me up :)

  19. Woof! Woof! Jack. Happy New Year! LOVE all your movie picks. We saw UP ... Yah! think we saw you???
    Oh!!! do I missed reading your post ... it makes us laugh. Enjoyed your SIT command and your DIRT Recipe. Glad to be back ... Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

  20. hehe, great choices! The pictures are fantastic!

  21. What would it take to get an autograph from you and Mer?