Sunday, January 3, 2010

January 3, 2010

(The tall guy said that was French!)

Someone asked about my happy NUDE year post and so here's my story and I'm sticking to it. I don't know if you've noticed or not, but in almost all my pictures when I am in the house - I am NEKKIT! No collar. Nothing. As nekkit as Porky Pig's butt! Here is an example of what I am talking about:

On Christmas Day of all things!!

Now, I'm not just talking about not wearing sweaters or hats or shoes or any of the other things that some of the puppies on the other blogs wear (or even matching pajamas!). I'm talking about my birthday suit, without a stitch, in the buff nekkit!

Evidently, or so I've been told, someone in the house does not like hearing the noise that my license plate thingy and the thing with my telephone number on my collar make, especially at night when he, er..... someone is trying to sleep. So, someone has gotten into the habit of stripping me stark naked (or starkers as our friends across the pond might say!) when I come in from my walk or riding in the car. (Maybe they should make a puppy license that goes on the back like the one on your car!)

So that's where the happy nude year came from. And now you know the rest of the story!

On the other hand, I'll be ready if I ever go to Pennsylvania!


  1. We have some of those places around here too.

    Grrrrrrs from Gizzy

    (Pee Ess: Don't tell Mom I told you)

  2. Ah oh! now we know. I am sorry that you are nekkit. I feel the same without my collar on.

    Happy Sunday

  3. Jack, its okay. Don't be a slave to fashion!

  4. Yup!! Ben says nekkit is good too. He loves to be nekkit at night. Well actually, when his collar comes off that when we say 'he get's his pj's on' and the collar goes on... he's got his clothes on.

    Chrissie and Ben

  5. You look good in the "nudie without a bathing suitie!"
    Sassy likes to sleep au naturel!

  6. Phew! I just got done blushing in time to leave a comment. Giggle, giggle. My friends over at told me about your blog, and I have to say I am smitten. (blushing again.) What a pleasant surprise that you are in Arizona too! I just started a blog this new year and would love to have you stop by if you get a chance. It is not as nice as yours but I would be honored. Nice to meet you and HAPPY NEW YEAR.

    You can find me at:

  7. Hi Jack....If you're missing your clothing too much get your tall guy to buy you a "Quiet Spot". This is a little pouch that velcros over the tags and quiets them. Here's a link to see what they're like, but your local pet store probably has them.

    But I think you look just fine nekkid!

  8. Hi Jack....we love your story. Mom is very intuned to every and all noises in the I too go 'nude' all the time. My license is in the drawer...I hope she can find it if the 'cat' police come calling. Madi and Mom

  9. So, Jack, is a nudist? Tootie is a nudie, too. Ever since she got her tiny little paw stuck in her cute little pink collar and had to hobble around on three legs like a poor pound puppy who made the six o'clock news for being gimpy and brave of it. Tootie was neither gimpy nor brave, just inconvenienced. So nude it is until we go shopping and then she must wear her cute pink collar to show off. Jack, you're handsome whatever you wear!


  10. We used to be nekky at night too Jack but then Mama found some little plastic things to go around our license thingy things and more noise!!! Plus I don't have to go nekky unless, of course, it is bath time.

    Not that it is bad to be nekky, there is a certain freedom......


  11. Jack, you are a funny pup. You give my Mom and me a chuckle every day!

    I am 'nekkit' in the house too and I love it. Sweet freedom and comfort, ahhh.


  12. I am nude too! Sometimes I just like to wear something for fun! You know change things up a little!

  13. Hey, kiddo, you watch out and don't get lost while you are without your clothes☺ But we have a feeling that you are chipped.

    We had to divert Freyja's eyes when we read your bloggy - she's way too young at only 5 to see bare naked boys.

  14. I prefer being nekkit in the house too. My license plate is on my outdoor electronic collar, and I don't wear it in the house. It's all about the birthday suit...

  15. Jack please tell TG thank you for the interesting link to the Old Christmas information. We like learning new things.
    Madi and Mom

  16. We used to put a baby sock around their tags with a rubber band. It did wonders keeping them quiet and kept the tags from turning their fur green! We found little blue socks for Sam, and little lace trimmed ones for Cisco. Everybody thought they were really cute and we didn't have to worry about one of them slipping out without a collar on! :)

    Sam and Cisco

  17. We understand. We feel the same way when we don't have our collars or scarves on. But you look very handsome nekkit.
    Just to let you know Chica was supposed to be temporary. BUT within hours the humans decided they needed to keep her. They failed at this foster job. We think they may be too soft in the heart for this fostering stuff. But they said they will try again. WE'll see how that goes.
    Happy New Year!!!! Thanks for visiting.
    Ernie, Sasha, & now Chica

  18. I love to be nekkid too! Jack it's ok to be nekkid makes us all the more handsome! Happy Nude Year to you and TG!

    From blistery Montreal...been snowing snowing snowing.

  19. We've tried this from time to time, but the problem we've had is remembering to put the collar back on before we go out. More than once we've arrived at the Arboretum to walk & ditzy assistant realizes we either don't have the collar or the leash. If the collar stays on, that's one less thing that her little brain has to remember. She's just not the sharpest knife in the drawer if you know what I mean.

  20. They do make silencers (if the TG gets on your nerves) -

    I've got khanine pals that also go nekkid so they don't hurt each other wrestling!


  21. Yes, we have had problems with my collar tags things too. But M.O.M. realized that the clanky noise really hurt my ears so she taped all the clanky things together. I do have very senstive ears and can hear everything. So now I can go about the house and nobody knows where I am....Hey, that works for me!!! Hugs and wags, Mistaya

  22. Oh my. I only strip down when it's bath time - and sometimes Mom forgets to dress me when I'm dry- we get in the elevator to go for a walk....and once in the lobby where I get "leashed up" she realizes there's nothing to leash me to! (Is nekkit the same as comando??? Just askin' )


  23. ohhh jack!
    Sara does the same thing to me!!!
    as soon as we get in the house, she strips me of my collar!
    she thinks that will make me more confortable :D
    licks pu

  24. Ohhhhhhhhh Jack... tell TG to get you a Collar Tag like Augie and Ti have! It's a metal, engraved tag that slides onto your collar--only the coolest dogs have one ;-) Look here:

  25. Hi Jack! Happy New Year! We like Darwin un-naked as we can hear where she is in the condo and if she's somewhere doing things she shouldn't be.... like jumping on the bed, or climbing on the couch, or waiting to go outside to potty...

  26. Hi Jack,
    That explains that! Good post. I never thought of that!
    Your cute with our without your colar! But I have to admit, sometimes they do make a lot of noise!

  27. I wouldn't be without my collar. It's how I let my peoples know what I want. They say all the things the think I want, and when they get to the right one, I shake and make the tags jingle. It's a primitive form of communication. I know, but I'm working with them.