Friday, January 15, 2010

January 15, 2010

(Rated PG)

I have decided to become an underwear model! The tall guy got me a new thing to wear.
He said it keeps me from pulling my string when we are out walking.
It is called an Easy Walk.
(I know that because it's got the name on the side.)

I told him that if he would hurry when we walked,
I wouldn't need to pull on the string.
He said it didn't work that way.

So now, if you're ready,
here I am in all my glory:

He likes it better than a regular harness.
He said I looked like I was a fashion plate!
I told him I looked so good,
I was more like a fashion platter!

He said if I kept talking like that,
he would go back and get the pink Easy Walk.
I told him to go ahead,
cause I would make even the pink one look good.

I asked him when I would be able to go on walks without the string.
He said when it got below 32 temperatures in Michigan.
So, if any of you live in Michigan,
please let me know how many temperatures it is there.
Thank you!

(Note from the tall guy:
The Easy Walk is great. It really keeps Jack from pulling when we are out walking. It doesn't stop jumping, however. I like it because it doesn't go around his throat so if he does take off running (i.e., after anything blowing around on the ground, walks when it's windy are SO MUCH FUN), he doesn't get yanked back when he reaches the end of his leash.

And, since I'm talking about things that actually work for Jack, I've found a chew toy that Jack hasn't chewed through yet. It's called a Hurley and it's done pretty well so far. It's not hard like a Nylabone, so you don't get all the sharp plastic sticking out where he's chewed through it, but it's not soft plastic, that he can tear into pieces in seconds. It's not his favorite chew toy (simply because he can't tear it into pieces), but it's lasted over a week and around here, that's rare!

And now for your listening enjoyment:

Don't you just love the Internet? :)


  1. WHOA!

    So furry HOT HOT HOT 'Jack'!

    PeeEssWoo: Mom says tank dog fur the internet! She had khwite one of THOSE experiences on Thursday! One of the blogs she has in her GR mentioned a Nick Lucas Guitar Pick - well Mom has a Nick Lucas guitar - and from there, The TZ musikh played!

  2. The two best things about midnight: Letterman and your blog posts!!!
    How in the world did you find that hilarious banjo video?
    Going to check out the Hurley...Sassy cut her gum on her Nylabone sharpies the other night!

    BTW, Jack, red is definitely your color!

  3. i used to have one of those harnasses for Loki. Then I got the skillet. booowhahaha. seriously? i got lucky, he's not a real puller. Once in a while he is, but i remind him and stays pretty slack on the leash. Juno needs a reminder a lot being a husky when we go for hikes, and we walk with the prong for that reason. both use the prong but mainly to keep from pulling and reminded to walk with me.

    As Jack gets older he'll probably stop pulling (ya they grow out of it, right...hahha).

    Jumping on you? try turning your back on him and don't say a word. walk away. when he's good and doesn't jump, instantly praise him and give him attention. he jumps again from excitement, fold your arms and walk away! i'll bet you $5 he learns this in 2 or 3 nights/days.

    me? i love it when my sibe jumps on me and i don't train her not to tho i should. my GSD doesn't jump because i trained him that exact way i told you. but she's so darn cute when she does it, i can't help myself.

    I personally don't mind jumping dogs, but not everyone likes it so i try to train them to be good. it's nice to train it on command that way they get the feeling of being "able to celebrate" with glee when you invite them to.

    anyway, i always found the turning the back works really well.

    jack's really handsome. i totally think he should try search. did you see all the labs going to Haiti do to SAR? they're REALLY good at it. but you'd better have a good recall first!
    wild dingo

  4. I always wear my harness but it is for pulling, I think my Ma understands that a Labrador must follow his/her nose, and if choking or pulling persists, one must pull or choke oneself harder... They learn.

    I use mine for dry land sled dog racing so I'm allowed to pull hehe.

    Your pal Koda

    PS Labradors suit pink!! My namey tag thing is pink.

    PPS If you can't pull, make sure you keep jumping!!! hehehehehehehe

  5. Jack, you look great in your new red clothing. Red certainly is your colour. Tell TG definitely NOT pink!! Love the musical interlude too thanks!!

  6. Morning Jack and TG
    Mom says thanks for ruining her makeup this morning!!! She is lol so hard her eyes are leaking. She also said she'd like to be a fly on your wall....hey she said it I don't have a clue what she means. Jack stick to your guns REAL can wear any color but I agree with Ms. K RED is your color.. Great banjo video. Very nice harness. Mom says she has seen lots of them on puppies when she is taking her walk every day.
    Madi and Mom

  7. Red is definitely your colour Jack.
    Thanks for the tip on the Hurley toy, I am definitely going to get Mom to look into that.

    Licks and slobbers,

  8. I am seeing Jack on the cover of Vouge and Harpers; soon. No CAT-alogs though. You had better get an agent, quick! Just don't let them Photoshop him too much, he's perfect the way he is!

  9. Yah, I thought it looked like a thong too!!
    You make a great model too. :-) You wear it very well~~


  10. Looking good Jack! You make anything look great! Hey, I wonder if that is what inspired Steve Martin to play the banjo?

  11. BOL!!!! Nice thong, Jack!!! You look very handsome in it, red is your color!!! Mom says she's going to check the Hurley, she has yet to find me anything that last longer than a day!!! Thx for the info!!

    lotsa licks,

  12. You are one hottt underwear model Jack!!! It's only 29degrees here in Montreal, does that count??? GO FOR IT JACK...tell TG.

  13. (while dancing to the banjo) I wouldn't argue much, Jack. I bet you can make the pink Easy Walk look less pink, but still, think about it. Eeek. Red is your color, my friend. I'd stop arguing. As for the Hurley, useful info I'll pass on to my friends who actually need it.

  14. Jack it exactly 32 temperatures in Michigan right now! But expected to get cold again tout de suite.

    Sorry TG.

    Bobo and meja's mommy

  15. What a nice thong thingy that is JAck...tres sexy!!!


  16. Woof! I have something similar on what you have ... the only difference mine is wider. it does make such a fashion statement. Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

  17. Hey Jack! It's 38 degrees in this part of Michigan right now ;-)

    Augie and Ti use the same harnesses. One of those "miracle" inventions if you ask me! I use a coupler to hook them to each other so I only need a single leash.

  18. Jack poses for pictures so well! Good boy, Jack!


  19. those are quite the pantyloons
    gweat job making them look so manly and beastly
    the houston pittie pack

  20. I'm baaack or PS: I checked out the Augie and BOLed as usual. Great idea. Thanks for the second laughter of the day.
    Oh, and I wasn't rolling in the photo, I was showing everybody the flea population on my back Haaa