Tuesday, November 10, 2009

November 10, 2009

Does this collar
make my butt look big?

We went to the puppy store yesterday and the tall guy had me sit on the whales. He said he wanted to see how much I weighed. I had to do it two times because it was hard for all of me to sit still on the whales at the same time!

Well, the little box on the whales said I weighed 83.4 L B S. I guess the L B S stands for Labrador Butt Size. So I must have an 83.4 butt! Well, I guess that is good, because the tall guy seemed to be pretty happy about it and he didn't give me any less food when we got home! Less food is NEVER good (unless your stomach is sad - then it is ok if you don't eat quite so much!)

The nice doctor we go to sometimes said to keep me around 80 L B S, so I guess I am following the doctor's orders! I think she will be happy next time I get to see her!

Oh, and I found out that we are going to go to a BIG puppy show this weekend. I will get to see all the dogs climb up on the see-saw and run through the tunnels and jump over the sticks. Some of them will be there just to look handsome or beautiful, so I hope to see them as well! The tall guy said I wasn't ready to do any of the agility trials yet. I think maybe you have to be a lawyer or something to do the trials (at least that's what I see on Law and Order on the teevees). But he said maybe we could go back to school so I could learn how to do all the running and jumping stuff the dogs will be doing. That would be great! I love to run and jump! He said it wouldn't be fair to the other dogs for me to be in the looking handsome category because I am so handsome that I might win all the ribbons and the other puppies would be sad. I told him that I understood completely! I will make sure the tall guy takes his camera and takes lots of pictures of all the puppies for you to see!


  1. Jack, you have a very nice butt, not too big or too small, just right I would say. Have fun at the puppy show.

    licks and sniffs,Sasha

  2. OH JAck, your butt is just the right size, ;-)
    And the collar looks good too.

    Oh, I could totally see you doing the running and jumping tricks, you would do pawsome!!
    Ya Da Man!!

    You will have fun at the show and seeing all the other dogs.


  3. My momma is giggling about the LBS thing. She says your butt size looks about right. Mine used to be bigger but after I got my new knee momma shrunk mine in hopes that my other knee doesn't break too! Anyway, it seems important that it stay the right size so bet your doc will be happy!

  4. Our human gives all of us different amounts of food, can you believe it? Apparently most of us are "maintain" dogs, but we have 2 "slimming" dogs and 1 very lucky dog who is always needing to add weight.

  5. Morning Jack,
    LOLTIME again!!! Great post.
    No the collar doesn't make your butt look big.
    L B S is hilarious!! I'm certainly gald it doesn't stand for Ladie's Butt Size!!!!
    I bet you are excited about your weekend. That sounds like lots of fun and you can make some more friends. I agree that you would win all the ribbons for the 'MOST Handsome'.
    Thanks for the Tuesday LOL.
    Madi and Mom

  6. Hi Jack...Madi says even though rolling in the dirt and mud sounds like a lot of fun, she thinks she'll pass. She really doesn't like being dirty. Sometimes when we pet her, she all of a sudden feel the need to groom right where we have touched her. We tell her we don't have cooties.
    But we really know that is her way of absorbing our scent.
    Madi and Mom

  7. I don't think you have a big butt. You are just athletic! Stick with that.... Dog shows are fun. Everyone looks SOOOO nice. I agree, you would win everything and then the others would be sad. Just wear a hat so no one sees how handsome you are. Maybe sunglasses too....

  8. Looks like you could balance a glass of fine wine on your behind!!!!
    Wrooo wroooo,
    (In Holbrook, AZ)-so close, yet so far away-
    I can feel your energy!

  9. Jack I keep meaning to ask TG who is pulling for to win Amazing Race? After this past Sunday, thinking the Big Easy and Flight are looking good!!! Madi and Mom

  10. I think your labrador butt size is just right! Momma Cassie and Uncle Champ hope to see you at the puppy show this weekend!

  11. We like your L B S. It is handsome and it makes your legs look very strong.Have fun at the puppy show. Sasha used to cheat when she got weighed. It was by a window and she used to move over and sit on the window sill. She weighed a bit less then. Think it's a girlie thing???
    Ernie & Sasha

  12. Jack...make sure you talk to Brutus before you do those agility things...he thinks he may have gotten in a bit over his head....

    Your butt is just right!!


  13. Hello Jack,
    I have seen your comments on my friends blog and I thought it was time to introduce myself.
    I love animals so I am the Animal Lover. You have probably seen my comments on blogs you read. Would you like to be friends? I love the way you think. I laughed out loud tonight reading your blog!!!
    I know you have lots of friends could you stand another? Fern (Animal Lover)

  14. Wow Jack, lookin' good. I'd say your L.B.S. is just about right! :-)


  15. Sam wishes your tall guy was Sam's vet. Sam weighs in at 85 lbs and the vet calls him f-a-t!


  16. Oh, I bet you'll like agility! Ti and Augie both do it. And congrats on the weight, because no one likes a diet ;-)