Monday, November 9, 2009

November 9, 2009

A Guessing Game!

Ok, today we are going to play a guessing game.
Here I am concentrating on something very very hard.
Can you guess what it is?
(The answer appears below.)

Did you guess yet?

I can wait.
Go ahead, make your guess.

You have to say it out loud or it doesn't count!

No, you have to say it REALLY loud.

(Note from the tall guy:
If you DID say anything out loud,
it's ok.
I won't tell anyone that you're talking
to your computer.)

OK, are you ready for the answer?

Yes, you got it!
I was waiting for the tall guy
to kick the boomerball.

He took this picture
RIGHT before he just about broke his toe
(see yesterday's blog).
Now his toe is a really neat purple color.
I didn't know that people could have purple toes.
But I do now!

(Note #2 from the tall guy:
A boomerball is NOT a soccer ball -
no matter how much alike they look!)


  1. We guessed a tennis ball...but we said it under our breathe:) Hope your toe feels better. (I have 7 stitches from a play ball incident myself so I know how you feel:)

  2. We guessed you was waiting for TG to throw something. Never thought about him kicking something. Guess TG won't be kicking any balls to you for awhile. Sorry about your toe TG.
    Jack, you sure have an expressive face.
    Wags & sniffs
    Ernie & Sasha

  3. That was my sekhond guess!

    I really thought woo were staring at my tail and pantyloons!


  4. I said Tennis ball but it did not seem right b/c he was looking lower... now it makes sense! I had never heard of a Boomer ball until yesterday. I guess you found something indestructible since the website showed it in a Hippo mouth! good luck with your toe!

  5. Jack - that was some intense concentration! We checked out the boomer ball site and were quite amused by the $100+ models for the big cats, hippos and such.

  6. Hi Jack,
    That is certainly one serious face. Madi and I thought and thought we could not guess.
    We have a feline to canine question. What is the purpose of the boomerball? It appears to be too hard for peeps to kick it to their puppies. TG we're sorry to hear about your sport's injury.
    Is it only for puppies to push around with other puppies? Madi and Mom

  7. I thought blogger friends!
    I hope your toe feels better! I hate that when my toe turns purple...OUCH!
    Have a nice day!

  8. TG, hope you didn't teach Jack any of those words that he is not suppose to know...and hope the toe feels better soon! Dirk's mom

  9. I was SURE it was a treat. That's how I look when I see, hear or THINK I might get a treat!

  10. I thought you were waiting on a GIANT rawhide doggie bone, BOL Had to beg with that serious of a face.

    tell the tall guy not to kick the ball again, pecially after you warned us bout it yesterday.
    Hope the toe feels better and I bet it will be several more colors too, BOL


  11. TG thanks for the explanation. I didn't think about the destruction factor. My daughter used to dog sit for a neighbors lab. One weekend they went away for one night. They left him in the yard for the day. My daughter walked him them was supposed to put him in the house for the night. She went back early the next day to let him out. She called us in a panic that choc. lab a chewing fit. He had turned over a dining room chair and nearly gnawed off two legs and was gnawing on the base board when she arrived. We were absolutely amazed. So I understand about gnawing.
    Madi and Mom

  12. Woof! First, hope tall guy is fine - it should heal in couple days n he is ready to kick the ball again. LOL! Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

  13. Well, we missed our guess. Can we guess what words he uttered right after kicking the ball?

    P.S. - Our hu-dad says he has sympathy for your tall guy because of a certain incident a couple of years ago that is supposedly our fault where he broke two toes. Something about we were pulling as he was trying to hike down some wet rocks. Get down on all fours like us, we say.

  14. Sigh.......I guessed wrong. I thought it was something yummy to eat, but then again that is what I am usually thinking about. :)

    Maggie Mae

  15. I said ball....Parker went running for his...LOL

  16. WOW...There are a lot of mind readers out there..I said bone...

    Sorry about the OWey!!