Sunday, November 8, 2009

November 8, 2009

Thank you
for all your calls and letters!

Evidently thousands of you contacted the tall guy yesterday
about the scary picture he took!

So, to make up for frightening everyone,
he said he would put up some better pictures today.

We went to the park yesterday,
but there were no puppies there.
So I pretty much just ran around
and smelled.
(Notice the grass on my nose from smelling!)

We took my boomer ball and I played with it some,
but it got all grassy.
The tall guy wants to remind all the peoples
do NOT try to kick a boomer ball,
unless you want to break your toe.
I want to remind all the puppies
do not try to CATCH the boomer ball
unless you want to go to the dentist!
I don't think even
Louie or Katie or Remington could catch it!

And finally, always remember that it's better to have your eyes OPEN
when you have your picture taken.
Otherwise it just looks like you're laughing.


  1. Oh Jack, You look mah-velous w/ eyes open or closed...
    We're in Ca and will be passing through AZ in a couple of days...
    We'll wave and bark to you!

  2. thats much nicer, we didnts like thats other one at all.

  3. Jack,
    I am not ascared of you in these pictures. I like the "happy jack" much better than the "devil dog". :)

    Maggie Mae

  4. Hi Jack...
    Thanks for the bringing Back the Jack we all know and love!!! (FYI, although yesterday's pics were scary...we know you are 150% sweetheart)!!! That boomer ball is nearly as big as Madi!!
    Madi and Mom

  5. Oh Jack, these pics are much much nicer, I love these pics. You are so handsome, eyes opened or closed!! Tell the big guy, dont take pics like those scary ones anymore!!!

    I will remember the tip bout, not kickin or cathcin the ball!!
    Looks like you had a blast there.


  6. Grrrreat photoshoot!

    I'm glad he got the message!


  7. I had not heard of a Boomer Ball before and will have to investigate. Sounds sorta like a medicine ball for dogs - good times! Jack, you look extra happy with grass on your nose. I like it :)

  8. I like your toys Jack. In that last pic you made me smile just by seeing you smile! Thanks, Smiling Jack!

  9. Jack, as you may know, I live wiff a cat named Boomer. Do you think I could use her as a ball? That sounds like a good use for her...


    PS. You look so cute in that last picture!!!

  10. Jack, you do look like you are laughing and I like it. Its like the tall guy told you a joke. I just looked at yesterdays picture and YOWZA!!!!!!!!!! Were you having a bad day or what. I mean its ok, we all do sometimes. I know the real Jack is the one who is laughing at the joke.

    licks and sniffs, Sasha

  11. You´re looking so much better today, Jack! Nice pictures!

  12. Like the ball..roll it my way! BOL!!!

    Nice smiley face in the pics Jack.

    Licks and Tail wags--Olive :)

  13. Oh Jack - What is it with our peeps and all the picture taking. I know - I like to share my adventures with my blog buddies - but seriously - Mom would NOT be happy if I posted pictures of her looking a little nuts (lets face it Jack - you did look al little nuts yesterday - but I know that's just the photog - not Jack!) -Abbey

  14. Smile on my friend! We love the pic with the grass on your snooter too!

    Hugs and snaggle-tooth kisses,
    Sierra Rose