Sunday, November 15, 2009

November 15, 2009

More from the Dog Show!

I know that many of you like looking at puppies so I asked the tall guy if I could put up some more pictures of puppies from the Dog Show. He didn't take that many pictures of me because he said he could always take pictures of me. I guess that's ok - this time!

Here is another picture of my mom, Cassie. I think she's wearing orange and white to support the Tennessee football team. Then again, it may be that orange is just her color! Note: You should ALWAYS put up pictures of your mom and dad whenever you can!

The tall guy said this was an afghan (Note from the tall guy: I obviously have no idea what I'm talking about. I found out, via the comments, that the beautiful dog below is an Irish Setter! However, I won't tell Jack as it will mess up his bad jokes which only work if he thinks it is an afghan!). I told him someone was really knew how to crochet! I guess it's a good thing there's not a McDonalds on the way back home from the dog show! Almost all the afghans we saw at the dog show were this color. I don't know how you would be able to tell them apart!

Here is another of the non-crocheted afghans. She was very elegant. She sat like that for a long time and didn't even move. Hmmmm, maybe she WAS crocheted!

Here was a nice guy, but someone stole his tail! I wonder if he is looking to see if he could find out who got it!

And here is another pictures of some of the RVs that we saw. I think the tall guy was more amazed at the number of RVs than with the puppies. We saw one RV that was overrun with beagles - there must have been over 20 beagles just running around. They were all outside in pens next to their RV. I guess if you had 20 brothers and sisters and cousins, you wouldn't need to go to the puppy park. The tall guy didn't get a picture of all the beagles because some of them were taking a bath and he wanted to respect their privacy! I'll have to remind him of that next time I'm all wet!


  1. And, sadly, that Tennessee team has needed a lot of support the past couple of years.

    Rumor has it that we are going to get to travel in our RV very soon, too. So much fun coming out of the camper and watching people look at it like it is a Siberian Husky clown car.

  2. Are woo sure that furst afghan isn't an irish setter?

    Orange is a great kholour fur your mom -

    I bet she'd look dandy in The Xterra!


  3. Morning Jack,
    Your mom is beautiful. I think you have her smile!!! I know she is pleased that you won the 'Jack' pot with your human Dad. Mom like to know their children are happy.
    Mom agrees with you that white Afghan did appear to be crocheted. My mom is actually making a crocheted afghan right now out of yarn the exact color of the dog show afghan. She told me she will edge it in a varigated color becasue it is for baby due in February. Maybe the show dog needs to be edged in another color.
    Madi and Mom

  4. PS the word verification for the above post was
    "cudog"!!! LOL
    Madi and Mom

  5. Jack! You are so handsome in the first photos of you yesterday and today. Those should be your headshots if you go into puppy stardom! How did your uncle angus do at looking handsome? You look a lot like him so you know he is a winner. Your mom is a beauty! We love a smooshy faced lab! Your face will get smooshier when you get older so enjoy your puppy faced years!

  6. i would have loved to seen all those beagles!

  7. what bootiful pictures! but i second khyra's question about the irish setter/afghan. Regardless, your mommy is gorgeous!

  8. From the tall guy:
    Thank everyone for the correction about the Irish Setter. I've noted my ignorance in the post above!

    Also, since I don't usually post comments on my own blog, I didn't realize you had to do the word verification check in order to post. I'm going to see about changing that.

    I now return you back to your regular programming...

  9. Your mom is beautiful Jack. My cousin Archie is the same color as she is! All the puppies in the pictures look very nice too. Hopefully you made some new friends.

    Maggie Mae

  10. Did that dog find his tail? Maybe that is a job for us....we could help him! Poor fellow.

  11. TG - These people/dogs jump all over you if you make a little mistake. Personally, I don't think you should have caved in so easily.

    You could have called that dog anything and I wouldn't have questioned it. But then I spend most of my time concerned about my next meal... I don't have much energy leftover to worry about anything else.

  12. Hey Jack! Your mom is gorgeous! Your friends look very nice!


  13. You got to meet so many new puppies Jack AND see your Mom!!! What a fun day it must have been!