Friday, November 27, 2009

November 27, 2009

Yes, it was horrible!!

As you can see below,
when the tall guy was gone on his 'VACATION',
I had to resort to eating sticks!

The person watching me would only feed me like 2 times a day
and hardly gave me any daily snacks at all
(only like 2 or 3 cookies and some apples and carrots!)
I'm surprised I didn't waste away to nothing!!!

to add insult to injury,
I snuck on the tall guy's computer last night,
and what did I find?


So, do not believe your peoples when they tell you
that puppies can not go to the Grand Canyon.
Someone owes me a VACATION!

Notes from the tall guy:
1) Yes, puppies (and dogs - I'm not sure about cats) are allowed at the Grand Canyon BUT, they can not stay in the rooms at the Grand Canyon. They have to stay in a kennel. Jack would not like a kennel. And the people who would have had to take care of Jack in the kennel would not like Jack in the kennel either!

2) I am only putting up one picture of the Grand Canyon. If you have seen the Grand Canyon, you know that most pictures do not do it justice. And if you HAVEN'T seen the Grand Canyon, just know that most pictures do not do it justice!

3) Here is a picture of a stream we passed on the way into Sedona. If you ever go to Sedona from the Grand Canyon, make sure you take Highway 89A to Sedona instead of Interstate 17. It is truly a wonderful drive.

4) This is NOT the Grand Canyon. This is a picture of a chapel in Sedona. It is built high on the side of one of the hills. It is pretty unique. And yes, the rocks really are that red. Evidently, there is a lot of iron in the rocks which give them that color!

Unfortunately, someone has built a HUGE (and I do mean HUGE) house near the chapel. The funny thing is that if you Google 'ugly house in Sedona', THIS is what comes up!


  1. Pssssst - Jack. RV. Just saying that The Herd goes on vacation.

  2. I feel your pain Jack. Sounds like you were horribly mistreated and darn near starved to death while TG was gone. I hope he's trying to make it up to you. I'm not even going to comment on his pictures... it's my silent protest of your abandonment & neglect.

  3. Jack, we weren't going to tell you puppies are allowed at the canyon...of course we're in the RV...Tell TG to buy a "pup tent" and y'all could camp!!!

  4. Hi Jack,
    Poooooor pooooor baby you had to eat sticks. You sound about as pitiful as Madi...I hope this doesn't mean you'll be getting coal in your Christmas stocking.
    TG gorgeous pictures. I can see a trip to Grand Canyon will be on the top of mom and dad's to go list when mom retires....may I come stay with you and Jack? :-) HA!!!
    Madi and Mom

  5. HI Jack! I know how you feel - when Mom went on that cruz, she came home and ME 2 I found photos of pups also when she went home to Switzerland same thing. We need to learn how to just sneak along.

    TO TG: those photos are amazing! Thanks for sharing! I am a fan of AZ. You truly live in an amazing place!

  6. I hope woo are getting your energies bakhk!

    Tank woo fur sharing the pikhs!

    Mom is grinning at some of the khomments 'bout the ugly house -


  7. That was funny! I hope they bring you home a present or two~

    I love Sedona, I have only been there once or twice a long, long time ago. I remember the chapel but no ugly house!! That must be new!

    Have fun!

  8. Poor need to go on a vaction....some place where dogs rule! I don't know where that would be but I am sure you will find it!
    LOVE the pics (from Beth)!

  9. Hey Jack...yea, we agree with the Thundering Herd...RV! Then YOU can go wherever with the Tall Guy! And, lots of places.
    Glad the Tall Guy had a good time, and those are some really neat photos. And, Jack....just saying...I think sticks are really good to snaggle!

    Hugs and snaggle-tooth kisses,
    Sierra Rose

  10. Jack, so you would buy a million dollars in McDonald's cookies BUT not even one burger for your dadda?

    Maybe if you did he would take you to the Grand Canyon next time he goes☺

  11. I think next time that the TG should borrow Fiona's house on wheels Jack...then you could go for sure!!!


  12. That stinks! You should get into his travelocity account and see where he is going next. It sure looks like a beautiful place though. My momma has never been and if she ever does go I will remind her that doggies ARE allowed. She says that if you are going to try to convince people you were starved to death you should not put up a picture of you looking so 'well fed' ;-) I told her the camera adds 10 lbs... I believe you, buddy!
    p.s. I know jack is the not overweight in the least but that pic cracked me up because the way he is sitting he looks very 'fluffy'! Such a handsome boy! - Moose's Momma

  13. We've looked into RVing with the boys, but found that most national parks DON'T allow dogs in all the good tourist-y areas... they mostly have to stay along the fringes. Well, poopy to that, I say! :)

    Loved the comments about the house in Sedona--seems the locals are a bit ticked LOL

  14. Jack, mom hasnt been to the grand canyon, but she went to Sedona several years ago, and loved it! (Except for that house, they were building it when she was there.) She also took the scenic drive instead of the interstate. Some truly beautiful country!