Saturday, November 14, 2009

November 14, 2009

Things I Learned
at the Dog Show!

Well, the tall guy took me to the dog show today. It was really fun. There were like 400 bazillion dogs everywhere. My mom Cassie was there with her Mom Theresa. Theresa said Cassie may be going to have some puppies soon, so I guess I'll have some more brothers and sisters! My mom did really well in her event. (She had to follow Theresa around and stop when she stopped and go when she goed. And she didn't even jump up on anybody!)

My uncle Champ was there: (The nice lady with him is Theresa.) He was very nice. He came up to me and said hello right when I first got there! He was in the looking handsome category. I think he even got one of the ribbon-things! (I think he is very handsome.)
This is Angus! He was really handsome. The nice lady with him said he was the number one dog of his kind in the country! He may get to be on television with some guy named Wes Minister!

It was great seeing all the different kind of puppies.

These puppies were being groomed. There wasn't even any big piles of fur on the ground like when I get brushed!

These puppies were all being very good and watching their peoples. The tall guy said they were being judged, but I didn't see Marilyn Milian.

These puppies were amazing. They had to sit BY THEMSELVES and wait while their peoples went and hid behind a fence! For THREE MINUTES! And they did it! (Don't tell the tall guy - he might get ideas!)

These were some really strange puppies that I saw in one of the big RVs that was at the show. They were lined up, but not quite as nicely as the other puppies. Evidently they were looking at something really strange, because they didn't move at all while I was looking at them! There were LOTS of really big RVs at the dog show - these puppies must be RICH!

The biggest thing I learned at the dog show is YOU DO NOT GET TO PLAY WITH THE OTHER PUPPIES AT THE DOG SHOW!!! So if you go to the dog show and don't get to play with the puppies, the tall guy has to promise to take you to the puppy park the next day!


  1. Jack, you are still our favorite. Lots of cool pups. Thanks for sharing and we agree the dog park or playing place would be a good promise for having to be good.
    Ernie & Sasha

  2. Jack,
    That was cool that you got to see all the dogs, and watch them all. Too bad you couldnt play but I very sure that you will have fun at the dog park tomorrow LOL

    tail wags

  3. Hi come from a very handsome and smart gene pool. Now I know why you are so handsome. Champ is very blonde.
    Great shots of great puppies. TG takes you to the nicest events. Good job minding your manners and not being tempted to play with the puppies.
    Did you see the sun while you were there? We lost it here in NC
    Madi and Mom

  4. Jack - Sounds like you had a fun adventure. I've never been to a dog show. It must be tough not being able to play with the other pups. I don't think I could just sit there if Mom left me for THREE WHOLE MINUTES...there would have to be LOTS of treats involved (yes - its true - I can be bought off with treats - don't judge me!) - Abbey

  5. Jack, you did real good at that Dog Obedients trial!!! We use to take our G.S.D. to thoughs.
    Glad you had a good time.. Have a good week-end!
    Bambi and the animal lover ( Fern )

  6. Jack, who cares about ribbons or awards - you have the HAPPIEST and BIGGEST SMILE☺ With you around how in the world could anyone ever be sad?

  7. What great pups woo saw!

    The BMD is surely a furry handsome fella!

    I think I saw Ludo there in the sheltie pikh - how did he get 'khross The Pond without his mum noticing he was missing?

    Tank woo fur sharing your fun and great day with us!


  8. Hey Jack,
    My Aunt Dorothy is the judge in the sporting group at West Minister this coming year! Cool!
    That dog show looks like fun. I haven't been to a show in years now!
    Have a nice weekend!

  9. Oh Jack,
    Your mother is runs in the genes Big Boy!!!!
    (In Tyler, TX)

  10. Hi Jack! Did you enter in any of the events? Water bowl snaggling or something? Looked like a great time. I don't think I could sit for THREE minutes even if there was some super delicious snack dangling in front of me.
    Loved that first photo of YOU!

    Hugs and snaggle-tooth kisses,
    Sierra Rose

  11. Wow, Jack, you have quite a family! Maybe we'll be seeing you with a ribbon one day.

  12. Whoah Jack...I could so see you in one of those shows!!! You could so win best smile in show!!


  13. I love to go to dog shows. I like to see all of the different dogs. They sure don't play much because they have to stay all pretty and clean....atleast for that day!