Friday, November 20, 2009

November 20, 2009

Ode to a dead soccer ball

Oh soccer ball,
you were so round,
but now you're almost flat.

Your insides now are outsides,
Your shape is not so fat.

But I will play with you, old ball,
until I have to go.

And then, dear friend,
I'll leave you here
for someone else to throw.

For soon another puppy,
will find you in the grass.
O won't you let him play with you,
and let him sniff your...

It was always going to be COVER.
And shame on you for thinking otherwise! :)

And just because it's got a bunch of puppies in it:


  1. Those GR's are showing off again!

    I've seen the khlouds fur Merdie and I khan make khwite the floof show!

    Happy Friday!


  2. Woahhhhh! Some lesson on atoms! Yeaoooo!
    Jack, that nose in the ball shot did not look so comfy....
    Happy Friday pal!

    Hugs and snaggle-tooth kisses,
    Sierra Rose

  3. Jack
    I have played with the g-kids balls and they just happen to pop when I sink my teeth into it and yep, then you have a flat ball. I dont care, I play with it anyway and you know it is more fun to throw around that way!! So go at it with the flat ball.

    Cool teaching deal with the GR. Who knew they could be that smart, LOL


  4. Wow Jack literature and Physics all in one are good!!! Happy Friday to you and TG.
    Madi and Mom

  5. Did that hurt to have the ball stuck on your nose? The Goldies (I like those blondes!) in the video mind WAY too well!

  6. Jack, you is such a furry good po-hut. We has a couple of basketballs just yike the soccer ball in our yard. They don't bounce all that good but they is still fun ta play wif when momma gives them a sorta' footballs kick, girly-style.☺

  7. Those goldens got nothin' on us Labs Jack!!!
    Me(brown), You(blond) + Moose(black) - the 3 amigos

  8. Very cool physics lesson...and well-trained puppers!

  9. Jack, my 14 year old son was JUST moaning and groaning last night about science and atoms..I'm showing him this tonight!!
    Good job!!
    Have a great weekend!

  10. Oh Jack, we're catching up with you and smiling as we're sense of humor is Golden:)

  11. Love the poem - and the golden science lesson! Thanks for making us smile!

  12. Aw, that poem was great Jack! You are so pawsome!!!
    And thanks fur the science lesson. Every lesson should have doggies in it somewhere! :-)


  13. Great poem Jack!! I looove soccer balls, especially when they're flat!!! Love the video!!

    lotsa licks,

  14. Cody from Udall ParkNovember 20, 2009 at 5:01 PM

    Hi Jack:
    Mom and me LUVS reading your b logs. Which park do you go to?? Maybe if you let me know whih one and wot time we could meet you. Udall is getting a bit ..... BTW -- I think some of your naughtiness is rubbing off on me!!!! I have been stealing treats from the bag on the back of mom's wheelchair when she is not looking, and eating them ALL up!!!!!!

    Hope to see you at one of the parks in tucson soon

  15. Boy..I wish I would have had Goldies for science teachers...I would have payed a lot more attention!!

    Beth (the Mama)

  16. Jack - that first photo is priceless. The Tall Guy should enter that into some kind of contest because he would win. Thank you for the great video!!

  17. Gosh, golly, gee wiz1 Our heads are all full up with smarts now. Our doggie videos on our blog aren't about smart stuff, they're about drinking bear and eating food stuff; which is better than physics.
    - TBH&K

  18. Jack - that first picture real cracked our hu-dad up. We were worried about him for a moment. Thanks for the cackle.

  19. Funny post!! And that video--oh geeze, now I'm getting ideas for an "Augie and Ti Teach Science" series. No.. time...must... resist...must resist...