Tuesday, November 17, 2009

November 17, 2009

Things you can do
when you find half of
a plastic ball on the ground!

You can pretend like you are a rugby player
in a scrum while wearing a mouth guard!

You can put it in your mouth and make it look
like you are sticking out your tongue at people
so they will go
"What an odd tongue that puppy has!"

You can pretend that you are taking part
in a Japanese tea ceremony.
Watch out - the tea is HOT!

Put it on the side of your mouth
so that people will think you have one really big tooth
and need to go to the dentist!

Or you can just chew on it until the tall guy tells you to drop it!


  1. Hey Jack and TG -- You sure make us laugh a lot! Thank you!!!!


  2. Hey jack,
    You sure are creative, I like that!!!

    Your looks are great and so true!!!


  3. Awww, sorry TG spoiled your fun, you were on a roll there (unlike that ball- ha ha). We are starting to think that you live at the park! You are a very lucky pup that TG takes you there so much, even if you don't always get mcdonalds on the way home!

  4. Jack you find the coolest stuff, I wish I could come to your park.

    licks and sniffs, Sasha

  5. Great ideas, Jack! You´re so creative!


  6. Jack you can make anything FUN!!! I like the tea ceremony. So I have to ask..........did you drop it when TG told you to?
    Madi and Mom

  7. Did you drop it when the tall guy told you too? Or did you run like the wind and say come and get it? That's what I would of done....

  8. Half a ball is better than no ball at all, eh?

  9. Hi Jack! I'm glad I finally made it over here to visit your blog. I love all your ideas of what to do when half a ball is found. I believe I may have to go lookin' for one now so I can practice. Mom has sumpthin' to say to your 2 leggers.
    Chester ;0=)

    Your comment on Chester's blog yesterday really touched me. Apparently Jack is not always a good boy and you have felt your patience being tested like me more than once. It made me feel good knowing that my silly writing actually gave someone hope. Thanks for stopping by and hang in there with Jack. He's a beauty and I'm sure he has a good boy in him too!
    Chester's Mom

  10. you're definitely an optimist jack... you see the ball as half round instead of half flat

  11. Don't you just hate the "drop it" words!!!


  12. Excellent choices. We recommend convincing other dogs that it is the coolest toy on earth and getting them to chase you.

  13. TG is too funny! Send some funniness over to my blog--I'm out of ideas! LOL

  14. Jack you are such a character....and a very creative one at that:)!