Saturday, November 28, 2009

November 28, 2009

Well I am exhausted!

All the Thanksgiving Fs (Food, Football, Fun) have just worn me out.
And then look at what I found on the Internets:

You can read about him HERE.
Just don't tell the tall guy
or he'll make me get a job
to replace his sunglasses which somehow
got a little chewed on yesterday.


  1. Luckily, I am not tall enough to reach a cash register and with my (ahem) attitude limitations, would perhaps not be a good conveyor of "customer service".

    Grrrrrs from the Giz

    PS: I listed you as a Kreative Blogger on my page today.

  2. Well Jack, I won't tell the Tall Guy. My mom wants me to get a job too! I have a pretty high metabolism and, wants me to start paying for those extra things...peanut butters, stairway banister, door moldings....

    Hugs and snaggle-tooth kisses,
    Sierra Rose

  3. We are not allowed to operate a cash register. Something about certain tendencies to remove objects that do not belong to us.

  4. Jack
    I believe you are too young to you have your license yet?
    BTW why did you think sunglasses would be good to chew on? Just askin'.....
    Madi and Mom

  5. Try to explain to the Tall Guy that your job is to sleep all day, okay? We need our rest to maintain our sunny dispositions!

  6. I don't know why everyone thinks it's so wrong when we just "happen" to put something in our mouth and it just "happens" to break. Like we meant to do it....geez....

  7. Yea I hear you about the job thingy. Mom says I should be workin' too all the dollars they have spent on me leg + tummy....but I just remind her how much I love her and then she forgets....

  8. You have a fulltime job...keeping track of TG!
    Sunglasses can be replaced, Jack can't be replaced.

  9. A job! You work hard enough as it is. Mom keeps telling me I need to go out and get a job so I can bring home the kibble. I guard the home, listen to her stories, keep her company, listen to her stories, keep her feet warm on the couch. I'm exhausted just thinking about it. (Sunglasses - really Jack - were they wrapped in bacon?)

  10. Hi JAck
    With all that, no wonder you are beat. Just relax and chill!!
    And dont worry I wont tell the tall guy, dont want a cutie like you working a 9-5 job


  11. He makes a cute cashier!
    You have to be human where I come from to work in a store!

  12. Job? What is this job you speak of? Is that what we do all day when we eat and sleep? If it is..I love my job :)

    Licks to you..


  13. I know what you mean was our Thanksgiving and those three Fs really wore me out!!


  14. Wow you do look worn out! Turkey will do that to you! Say Jack, My momma and I nominated your blog for Awesome Blog of the month over at the DWB Bone zone. She is not really sure how it works but I think if you win it will rain kibbles and hot dogs. I guess I should have her read the fine print for me but I think that is how it works!

  15. Oh, what a cute story! I was laughing at some of the customers--like the woman who was crying and bawling after an argument with her hubby. Because, when you fight with your spouse, the next logical thing to do is... go buy a Slim Jim? LOL