Sunday, November 22, 2009

November 22, 2009

Have you seen my tall guy?

He left yesterday afternoon and told me he would be right back! BUT, he took some extra clothes with him in a box with wheels on it. And then he didn't come right back! I have someone here watching me, so I'm not alone, but I sure would like to know why the tall guy went somewhere and didn't take me! So if you see him, please tell him to call me and let me know where he is. I don't have a phone, but it doesn't matter!

I found this picture of him so you will recognize him if you see him.

That's him on the right.


  1. Oh dear! I feel bad for you. Whatever you do..don't chew on the door frame. TG won't like that, I don't think.

    Grrrrrrs from Gizzy

  2. That is just WRONG!!!

    Maybe woo need a trakhking chip in him!


  3. Poor Jack!! We will look for him for you!! We go out to walk 3 or 4 or 5 times aday. Maybe we can find him!!! WE are glad you have someone with you so you will not go hungry.
    Come and visit us, we can talk O. K. ?
    Tail wags, Bambi and her Mom

  4. Oh no Jack! Did you let him off the string? Sometimes peoples wander off when they are 'off leash'! Hope he comes home soon!
    P.S. Whoever this Jack sitter is I hope he/she is gullible and you can at least convince him that you get like 4 meals a day, shoes and hats are allowed for chewing and sleeping on heads is totally tolerated. It is worth a try anyway!

  5. It´s not fair! I will look for him!


  6. Wow,never knew TG was so misshapen ;-) I think he will be easy to find. He probably just wandered...

  7. Ah Jack I'm sorry TG is missing...I bet he went turkey hunting in another city. Sometimes peeps do that and leave us at home. I bet you have someone like my Miss Debbie taking care of you so you will be fine (she gives extra food) but you will M I S S TG. If we see him here in NC we'll tell him to hurry home. When he gets home, be sure to run like the wind to give him a big old puppy hug,
    Madi and Mom

  8. We hate it when our hu-dad takes out the box with wheels on goes on one of his busy-ness trips. But he does always come back and then we get to totally mug him.

  9. I would help look for him, but it's rainy here, so, no shadows!
    You need to bite his butt when he returns for making you worry!

  10. Oj are not suppose to let the humans off of their string when they go outside!

    He is a very tall man tho and I am sure he will fond his way home VERY soon!!

    Hope you are getting lots of treats while he is gone and you should probably not eat any furniture!


  11. Jack that is sad. At least someone is there with you. Not the same but... He shouldn't be too hard to find since he is so tall.
    He'll probably be back soon and then you can give him the "look" and make him feel guilty.
    Ernie & Sasha

  12. JAck,
    That is horrible that he left you. I will keep my eyes peeled for him.

    Looking in IL

  13. Jack, I hear you, man. I'll get right on it. I got a new CSI I will put it on and start on the case immediately! Remington -- out!

  14. Jack,
    My peoples left me once...for a whole week! My mom took me to my brother's house so at least I got to play with him while they were gone. The tall guy will be back, don't worry!

    Maggie Mae

  15. Oh no Jack. We'll keep our eyes open for your Tall Guy. We think he will be, just keep your paws crossed that it will be SOON!

    Hugs and snaggle-tooth kisses,
    Sierra Rose

  16. He intended to come right back but he's havin' a hard time decidin' which toys and treats to buy you. I'm SURE he will have sumpthin' special for you when he gets back. Check in that box with wheels-it will be full of good things for YOU!!

    Chester ;0=)

  17. Oh Jack, I am sure TG will be home soon. I hope he brings you something good when he returns.

    Chrissie and Ben

  18. Sounds like you're really missing you're human. I hope you find him soon.

  19. Yay...dogsitter!!! Get on their GOOD side, and ENJOY! Now about TG leavin' like that, i'll have MOM talk to him!