Wednesday, November 11, 2009

November 11, 2009

I don't know why
the tall guy is so excited.

I mean we go for rides in the car all the time.
It's not like I learned how to parallel park or anything!

Note from the tall guy:
I can tell you why I am so excited. Jack has FINALLY learned to jump in the car all by himself. Of course, he'll only jump in the side, but that's still better than me picking him up and putting him in the car or hauling out the ramp to let him walk up into the car.

I was VERY surprised when he did this for the first time 2 days ago. Unfortunately, I didn't have the camera on then (as it was really unexpected) so this short video is one I took today just for proof. You should have heard me telling him what a good boy he is. I'm sure the people at the park thought he had rescued Timmy from the well or something! :)

Yes, he got a bagel as a reward!

And I have no idea why I said 'Yes' with 14 syllables. I think it was shock!


  1. As I shared on yesterday's post, hoomans are an odd one!

    WTG Jakhk!

    I'm dang glad woo got a bagel fur that inkhredible feat!

    PeeEssWoo: I'm pretty sure woo are sandbagging him!

  2. Jack, high paw to you my friend!! I am sure the bagel was worth all the effort.

    licks and sniffs, Sasha

  3. Way to score a bagel Jack! What other tricks are you saving up?

  4. Hi Jack!! Way.. to.. go!!
    Thats pretty cool and it will keep getting easier and before long you will be a real pro!!

    Then you have to move on and learn new tricks.
    A bagel, what a cool treat!!!

    High paws to ya

  5. Uh-oh. Look what you have done Jack. Now he will expect you to get into the car all by yourself without being picked up. Oh well, at least you can get him to say yes like that in front of lots of people as a reward.

  6. Way to go Jack!

    After my mom watched this video she said to me "see, if Jack can do it so can you". I like being lifted into the car but maybe if I start jumping into the car by myself I will get a bagel too. :)

    Maggie Mae

  7. GOOD JOB JACK!!! This trick will save TG from any future back injuries that could have ended with no puppy park trips. I'm not saying your LBS is too big. TG I was wondering if you 'realized' how long your yes was. Kind of sounds like a good old southern YEEEEESSSSSSSSSSSSS!! I would love to have heard all the praises you gave Jack.
    Madi and Mom

  8. Gee whiz Jack - even I can jump in the car & I have really short legs. Yeah, I think you've been holding out on the TG (don't worry, I won't tell)

  9. You are very brave, Jack!
    A very elegant jump!
    Rufus and Indie

  10. TG
    Amazing Race:
    I agree with you Matt and Gary they are doing a great job. When I first saw them I thought what a pair. Can't judge a book by its cover for sure!!!

  11. Good job Jack! I like to get in the car by myself. Mike use to lift me too. Now we are big guys! YYYY-EEEE-SSSS! ha ha

  12. No way, a bagel??? No fair, I never got a bagel fur jumping into the car... **looks at mom**


  13. If I had to lift him I would have said Yes with twenty syllables!

  14. You GO Jack!!! Great work!!!

    There is no such thing as too much praise!!


  15. Way to go Jack! That deserved a yes with 15 syllables!


  16. How funny that he wouldn't jump in on his own before that! Methinks he might be a spoiled pooch ;-)

  17. Hurray Jack!! We support the Tall Guy's 14 syllable pronunciation :)

  18. thanks for visiting my bloggie, Jack! You rock for getting in the car by yourself... and you rock even more for training Tall Guy to speak in doggy-woggy talk! BOL!

  19. LOL! I love your "Yeeees!"

    Good boy, Jack, for learning to jump up!

  20. Way to go Jack!!!!! I am a good jumper but Sasha has a hard time. Sometimes she jumps and other times she does the "Sasha shuffle" and takes a lot of time. Treats sometimes help. M thinks it's because her hips aren't perfect. If Sasha jumps like you Jack bet we'd hear the 14 syllable yeeeees! too.
    Ernie & Sasha

  21. I learned how to jump when my humans stopped picking me up; is that how you learned too? You did a great job jumping into the car! What kind of bagel did you get?