Thursday, December 10, 2009

December 10, 2009

We need some happies!!

Every now and again, we just need to remember our happies.
Especially when it's raining outside and
the tall guy says it's too wet to go on a walk!

So, for all the puppies who are stuck inside today,
here are some videos that I hope will give you some happies:

This first one I found over at Farley's blog.
(Farley is a wonderfully handsome puppy and he always
gives ME the happies!)

It is about a really cool dog. I think Tank will really like this video!

This next video doesn't have anything to do with puppies (or cats!),
but it really made the tall guy laugh, so I hope it makes you laugh too!


  1. Oh yes!

    Tank was furry impressed - I shared it with him earlier!

    Do woo know our pal Ruby is related to Richochet?


  2. Hi Jack - I've actually seen that 1st video already and it is AWESOME. That dog is my hero! Now about those potato salad people... At first I thought "oh wow, those girls are really limber!" Then I kept watching... and watching and I started to think "those girls are total freaks!" What they were doing is just not possible with a normal body. Sorry. Freaks! I would like to try their potato salad though...

  3. THe first one was lovely... the second one was crazy! They both made me smile though, thanks! Hope your walkies return to their regular schedule soon.
    p.s. does potato salad come in a liquid or gas form? If not then what could be the meaning of solid potato salad?
    p.s.s. Your smile also always makes me happy!

  4. Jack and TG
    Thank you for making us smile.
    That is one fantastic puppy no matter what she does.
    Mom said now she wishes she were surf and was double jointed. Holy Moley!!! Madi on the other hand thinks it all involves way too much work

    Madi and Mom

  5. TG I'm LOL too!!! You are way too sharp today.
    I always enjoy your comments on my blog.
    I wish Madi had found an incorrect figure on the mega bill. We have a faulty valve that controls the is under warranty but who knew FREON was more precious than oil? 85 for 1 lb
    65 for each additional lb. It holds 12 lbs.
    I keep telling my hubby not to give me appliances for Christmas...last year the water heater had to be replaced.. HA!!!
    Madi's Mom

  6. Hey Jack! We are sending extra happies your way! Loved the videos.


  7. Jack, you always make me smile! Sending big hugs to your handsome head!

    TG, The Ross Sisters? Your age is showing again!

  8. Happies is good!! Thanks Jack.

    Maggie Mae

  9. Hi Jack!! We need happies too! Froze our noses off this morning on our little attempt at a walkie.... Thanks for bringing us all big SMILES!

    Hugs and snaggle-tooth kisses,
    Sierra Rose

  10. Hi Jack, Your post made me much happier because we can not go outside because it is only 10 degrees BELOW ZERO!! Brrrr! hugs and wags, Mistaya

  11. OMD Jack, the human body is NOT supposed to bend that way!!! Unreal!

    Thanks fur the sweet smiley picture, too!


  12. Jack, your smile would brighten any day! My Mom is cracking up over the second video. Those girls are really very passionate about potato salad. I might need to work on a song and dance routine about cheese.

  13. OK, that second video was too freaky! What was the point of them singing? And about potato salad (with a weird accent)? When they started doing non-human bendy movements I was left wondering where exactly they found three girls who sorta looked alike who could bend like that. Where do you advertise and what exactly do you say??

    WANTED: Female slinkies who are passionate about picnic foods. Must not possess complete skeleton. AMAZING CAREER OPPORTUNITY, SO CALL NOW!

  14. I just stumbled across your blog and AM IN LOVE. Jack looks just like and acts like my "Chowbrador", Chino. The duck WAS one of his favorite toys, unfortunately its now hemorrhaging stuffing all over the place. I look forward to reading more about his antics!!!! Thanks so much for sharing!