Friday, December 4, 2009

December 4, 2009

Well this is just

I think I was shaking off some water or something!
Then again, maybe the tall guy
has just gone crazy with
the Photoshop blur tool.

Last minute addition:
Please go meet Agnes!
If you know anyone who could give her a home,
please let Mogley and his family know!
And a very special THANK YOU
to all the families who help
those furry friends find their forever homes!


  1. You sure do pawn a lot of things off on your dadda, don't you☺ Of course, that's the only thing you can do since you don't have siblings☺

  2. Yikes Jack...looks like you're morphing into a camel!

  3. Jack,
    I think it is the tall guy going crazy with the photoshop dealie!!

    Thanks for the offer to buy a taco!! That was cool of you but I am out for now, :-)


  4. That does not look like a water dog but like a dog quickly ;-)

    let me embrace you. betty

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  6. Woof! ... it doesn't matter ... it's a great photo. Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

  7. Jack maybe TG signed you to play the Hunchback of Notre Dame!!!
    Madi and Mom

  8. Was you schmirkin Jack? It looks like you were schmirkin.

    Bobo and Meja

  9. I have a picture like that from my PetSmart shopping trip. I was shaking off a hat (I hate hats.) It's a funny pic though.

    Uh oh, I hope you didn't send me a hat.

  10. Shaking is natural, especially if you have good music to shake too! Humans have combs, all we have to correct a bad hair day is a good shake.

    Thanks for the mention about our foster friend, Agnes. She is lounging in the sun in front of the glass door, watching the snow outside. She has recovered from her months outdoors and from her heart worm treatment. She is ready to go now, as soon as we find her the perfect forever home.

  11. That's a crazy picture, Jack, kinda like the one of me running, BOL!


    PS. Agnes looks like a sweetheart, I hope she finds a furever home soon!

  12. Photoshop? I'm thinkin' NOT! Your tall guy captured you in some major brain swirlin'. NICE job tall guy.

    I'd love to give Agnes a home but my own personal tall guy thinks I am more than enough in this house. Good luck to her though and it's nice of you to help her out.

    Chester ;0=)

  13. Poor Agnes....I hope she finds a forever home quickly. That is so sad....
    Jack, way to throw that water around. I do that with my head and slim flies all over. Like Beth says "Slims flies when we are having fun!"

  14. The shakes - they always feel great.

  15. Hope Agnes finds a home for the holidays...there's nothing like a good shake to make your day (photoshop's can shake just fine without it:) Have a GReat weekend guys!

  16. It looks like you're morphing into another animal...perhaps a human?

  17. Thanks for posting about Agnes--I have a soft spot for the seniors. I even hoisted my laptop in the air so that hubby could have a look, but he didn't shout,"Let's go get her!" as I had hoped, lol.

  18. Oh boy - yes that must be a fuzzy type of blur. I know you don't really look like that when u shake!