Saturday, December 12, 2009

December 12, 2009

What I am NOT
getting for Christmas!

The tall guy asked me to make a list of what I would like for Christmas. He said that Sanity Clause might bring me something since I have been so good (although his exact words were something like 'For the 100th time, please stop licking the trash can!')

Here is my favorite toy right now - it is a duck that can FLY! Of course, the tall guy has to tell it to fly, but it is so much fun to chase. Unfortunately, I do not get to play with it very much, because it is so delicious, I have to start eating it sometimes. That's when the tall guy takes it away from me and puts it up on the shelf over the cold box (I think the cold box is actually a 'Can I get in here?' because that's what I always hear when I'm lying in front of it. Do you have a 'Can I get in here?' at your house?)

Here is a (not very good) picture of me playing with the duck. It is a (not very good) picture because the tall guy was trying to take the duck away from me before I could eat it!

Which leads to the following:

Here are some things that I can NOT have for Christmas. I am NOT allowed to ask for these things on my list to Sanity Clause.

1) Any thing with arms, legs, feet, eyes, or any other part that is sticking out! Oh, and TAGS. Nothing with tags. I think this is a hedgehog. This is a great toy and it makes a lot of noise, but it is now living on a farm in the cabinet above the sink. The tall guy said that maybe ONE day ('OH PLEASE GOD' is how I think he put it!) I can play with the hedgehog again.

(I only ate one leg - it has 3 more. What's the problem?)

2) Anything that is not indestructible plastic and makes a noise. For some reason, I want to find out what is inside making the noise. Can I help it if the plastic just happens to be in the way?

(I have two of these. They look exactly alike now.)

3) Any thing with stuffing inside. Because it usually ends up outside. For some reason.

(This one got taken away pretty early. Not too much stuffing got to escape!)

4) Any thing made of cloth that has something inside.

(I'll have to admit. I don't do too well with cloth.
But in my defense, this was a CAT!
WITH a plastic bottle inside!
So it was just a tragedy waiting to happen!)

So there you have it! It seems like there are more things I will NOT be getting for Christmas than I am getting for Christmas. I'll keep you posted on the progress!

(Note from the tall guy: Actually Jack is getting a little better about 'eating' his toys. He doesn't actually 'eat' them - it's more like ripping them open and spitting out the pieces. At least we got to the point where he spits out the pieces! The only things he can't completely destroy - Nylabones (he's got like 42) and some of the Kong toys. And here's a helpful tip: If your puppy chews on his/her Nylabones, please make sure they are put away before you go to bed. Stepping on a chewed Nylabone at 3am when you are mostly asleep is no trip to Disneyland, let me assure you!)


  1. While visiting my daughter and grandpuppy, Mason...I thought of you and Jack and even showed her your blog! (she loved it) Mason tears up all his toys too and Grandma has to go buy more every time I am there! What would we do without our dogs?

  2. PS. I know of a trash can you need to keep Jack away from!!!

  3. That's a funky looking duck, Jack!!!
    TG, the only toys I give my pups are Nylabones and you're right about stepping on them-OUCH!!!

  4. I'm almost ashamed to say it BUT I've only destroyed one toy in my 3+ years here -

    It was a plastikh flyie diskh -

    On the other paw, Merdie has a thing fur eyes!


  5. Yup!! We know about that Nylabone thing here too. Jack, I am sure you will get lots more great toys to play with.

    Chrissie and Ben

  6. Hi Jack and TG,
    I was amazed at all the toys you have destroyed until Mom told me that boys will be boys with their toys. She told me they like to take things part just to see what is inside then put them back need to work on the 'putting them back together part.'
    Sincerely, Madi

  7. Jack, you need to chew softer or you won't have any toys left. I bet you would like a bone like mine. If we get together in Vegas for my birthday I'll bring one for you....

  8. We do have a 'Can I get in there' at my house but it is called a 'Scoot Please'! There is a whole separate drawer with all stuff for me in it too!
    Is TG thinking you will stop tearing up toys when you are older? I am 8 and all my toys look like yours (actually worse b/c momma does not take them away). I promised her I would spit out even the tiniest of parts if she will leave them in the toy box and so far I am keeping up my end of the bargain. So just promise and prove to TG that you will leave all the little parts for him to clean up and I will bet you can have them back. Actually I think I would find a better way to phrase it that does not emphasize clean up...

  9. We think Jack needs a brother to chew on. We find that most helpful.

    P.S. - Jack - Check out Dave of the Army of Four. He climbed on top of the cold box and snarfed a bunch of bananas and ate them all. Now THAT is talent you need to learn.

  10. I have had a lot of animals in my time, and all dogs just love to tear up there stuffys. It is a natural thing for them to do. I mend and mend and mend!!!!
    In the wild that is what they would do to another animal! I hate to think about that, but this is dog!!!
    You are entertaining T G

  11. With us it is well chewed and thoroughly dried rawhide bones...the big ones...with lots of fun points...OUCHIE!!! We so feel you pain at our place TG!!

  12. haha jack! Youve got a mighty strong jaw there! Darwin's friend Friday is the same way. Even toys that are supposedly indesctructible are destroyed by her!
    Darwin's not too bad, though she does have a thing now for biting out plastic eyes of her stuffies and destuffing them through their eye sockets.

  13. I can't believe your human puts them above the cold box too. Hello? Don't the know we can still smell them up there?! Not right. I agree completely, we should be able to finish the job we set out to do.

  14. Hi Jack, I have a ton of toys just like yours. And I don't eat the insides once I get them out of the silly toy either. But I enjoy all the fun of tearing them apart and then waiting for the next dumb, easy to chew, toy my people's friends give me. M.O.M. and M.O.D. have wised up to what kind of toys to give me!I have discovered that a baseball is so much fun to chew. It just goes and goes when I chew..last a long time!! I am not allowed to lay in front of the cold box thing but I like to be on the "get down from the bed" thing!!! hugs and wags, Mistaya

  15. I'm wiff you, Jack. I HAVE to open up those squeaky toys to see what the heck is inside that is making all that noise! Any self-respecting dog would do the same. Why do people get upset about it?? You would think they would be proud of our problem solving skills. BOL!


  16. Hey Jack,
    I thought that ALL toys were meant for tearing up, destroying and dismanteling!!! Is there any other way for a toy???


  17. Hi, Jack!
    Like Khyra... I have never done that to a toy!
    I guess I am missing something very funny!
    About toys on the floor... yes... my mom knows how it feels like to step on one of them!
    Kisses and hugs

  18. Yes...Olive's Mom here..I have stepped on those chewed Nylabones..oh my!! Almost as bad as the LEGO pieces our kids left out!!

    Your toys look okay compared to Olive's...I am embarrased to share sad...

    Take care Jack and TG!!

    Olive and Mom :)

  19. We have the same duck toy! Ours must have been defective, because it somehow got a big tear in it...

    ALL of our toys look like that--courtesy of Augie, not Ti. He IS getting better about not destroying them within the first 5 minutes, though, so there's hope!