Wednesday, December 16, 2009

December 16, 2009

Every puppy
needs a snow day!
(Special thanks to Farley and Jazzi!)

The tall guy was telling me that when he was the little guy, every now and again he would get what he called a 'snow day'. That was when it snowed and he didn't have to go to school. The best was when his mom woke him up and told him there would be no school and he got to stay in his warm bed and go back to sleep.

So that got me to thinking. I think that puppies and dogs (and even cats and horses too) need a snow day. Even if you don't have any snow. So, I would like everyone to pick one day and declare it to be your 'SNOW WAY SNOW DAY!!'. Your mom or dad gets to come wake you up and tell you that you get to sleep in, then you get to get up late and have breakfast and watch cartoons all morning!

The tall guy told me that after they watched cartoons, they would put socks on their hands and go out and play in the snow! I asked him if he was born before they had gloves and he said no, that when he was younger all his gloves just seemed to get lost, so they had to use socks. (He also said they only had 3 channels of teevees to watch, so I don't know how much credence you should lend to his sock-glove story!)

So there you have it. Make sure you get lots of pictures on your snow day so we can see how much fun you are having!

PS - The tall guy just said if you didn't have any snow, you could have a 'Dirt Day! Oh Yea!'. I told him to go back to bed.

And just in case you haven't seen this story:


  1. I'm soooo hoping fur a snow day SOON!

    Tank woo fur sharing Sadie's story!

    She's khwite the lukhky khutie!

    PeeEssWoo: Did The Tall Guy try to tell woo the three channels were in blakhk and white too?

  2. That's an amazing story about the flying doggie...I don't think we have to worry about an owl snatching any of our Labs, especially big old Buddy!
    Believe me, no one appreciates a snow day more than the teacher!!! Unfortuantely living in Georgia, we don't have many!!! But now that I'm retired, everyday can be a snow day. YAY!!!

  3. Your welcomed Jack,
    I want to share my snow with others, I am a sharing kind of girl. Looks like you had a blast in it. I LOVE snow/rainy/cloudy/sunny/windy/ days~~they are all good days to sleep in!!!


  4. Hey Jack, your idea of a snow day is good but I don't think it will happen here in sub tropical Queensland!! Anyway, my mum told me that my Grandmother (her first Lab) used to love snow days back when she lived in NZ and she would go out in the snow and push along the snow with her nose!! Sounds cold to me!! Anyway, I can have lots of beach days here and that is great fun too.


  5. You want some snow, Jack, then come on by today! Have we ever got some snow for you! Even Khyra is a little jealous. We had a blizzard the WHOLE day!

  6. We totally believe in snow days and our hu-dad is going to have several of them over the next couple of weeks. Cool!

    For some reason, Natasha is outside staring at our own resident owl. Don't think this owl knows your owl though, because he keeps saying, Who,? Who? (Sorry - had to).

    And, finally, our dad says something that he got 2 good channels, but the 3rd required him to hold some rabbit's ears. What in the world do rabbits have to do with TV's?

  7. Hi Jack and TG,
    What a wonderful story about the little puppy!!!
    I bet she is having a snow day she certainly deserves one.
    Oh Mom says she remembers sock gloves and plastic trash bags over her shoes with a rubber band around the calf. HA!! Deep snows are rare in NC. If we had a deep snow her Mom would put trash bags on her feet. Too funny
    Madi and MOm

  8. Still waiting for our first snow day....probably in January....

  9. The story of Sadie made our mommy all leaky!

    Bobo and Meja

  10. Anyone who wants can come and take my snow, BOL!


  11. I will take a dirt day...snow is for very brave puppies who like the cold!!


  12. You guys are the BEST - I love this idea. Tall Guy, your little kid snow day sounds like such a happy memory :) The mitten story is great!

  13. Jack come to Canada - Montreal has lots of snow right now!

  14. Hee hee, we'll wait for a real snow day!! We get an automated phone call from the school district at 5 am, so there's not much giddy anticipation anymore. But still!

  15. My Mum said she used to wear socks on her hands too! No wonder she spends so much time knitting them now. She must be setting them aside in case there's a glove shortage.