Sunday, December 20, 2009

December 20, 2009

Well, it seems that I didn't QUITE get away with looking for my presents. Evidently the tall guy read my blog and moved all my presents somewhere so I can't find them.

Or else Sanity Clause (AKA Santa Claws,
Santa Paws,
Ash Man (Germany)
Christkindle (Germany)
Father Christmas (England/N.Z.)
Hotei-osho (Japan)
Kris Kringle (Aus./Can./U.S.)
Rauklas (Germany)
Babbo Natale (Italy)
Deda Mraz (Yugoslavia)
Gaghant Baba (Armenia)
Joulupukki (Finland)
Mikulas (Hungary)
Saint Nick (Aus./Can./U.S.)
Befana (Italy)
Diado Coleda (Bulgaria)
Ganesha (India)
Jultomten (Sweden)
Papa Noel (Spain)
Santa Claus (Aus./Can./U.S.)
Bellsnickle (Old American)
Dun Che Lao Ren (China)
Gwiazdor (Poland)
Kerstman (Belgium)
Pelznickel (Germany)
Sinterklas (Indonesia)
Bozicek (Slovenia)
Dyed Moroz (Russia)
Hagios Nikolaos (Greece)
Kolyada (Russia)
Pere Noel (France/Canada)
Svaty Miklas (Czechoslovakia))

caught me looking and has taken all my presents away! Or maybe Da Grinch has come and stolen them all!

OH NOES!!! What can I do to get my presents back?

*That Santa person sure does seem to have a lot of names/aliases and is rumored to sneak around in your house at night when everyone is asleep. Hmmm, has anyone seen him on America's Most Wanted?


  1. I KNOW woo will outsmart him!

    I mean, woo are a KHANINE...

    And he is a HOOMAN!


  2. That's terrible.. But we agree with Khyra. You are one smart puppy. Bet you can outwit all those Santa Paws people.
    Ernie & Sasha

  3. That Santa sure has been busy, he took all our pressies out from under the tree as well. We're thinking he's just a thief -- REALLY.... isn't he kind of like breaking and entering!?!?

    We hope you get them back, we know that if we don't we're just gonna eat the tree! That'll show them. hehehe


  4. Jack, we will have to put our CSI hats on and keep an eye out for Santa when he is sneaking around our house at night. We HAVE to make sure he is the REAL Santa! I hope you find your presents. To the Tall Guy from Beth -- I lived in North Dakota up until 3 1/2 years ago and I will tell you -- all that was on that list is TRUE! ha ha.

  5. What is tough for America's Most Wanted is that he seems to disappear for much of the year, then appears in every shopping center known to man for a few months, and then in lots and lots of houses one night a year. Kind of hard to follow him.

  6. Jack you better get on a fast plane if you're going to look for your presents in all those places. Mom and I enjoyed the list of the many names Santa has...we always learn lots when we visit you.
    Madi and Mom

  7. You look surprised (guilty).
    Be patient big boy, Santy Paws will be here soon!
    When I was still teaching first grade, we couldn't discuss "Christmas" around the world, so I disguised it by doing a unit on "Santas" around the world. Ho Ho Ho!!!!

  8. We know you have been a very good boy Jack...I am sure that Santa Paws Claws will be visiting and giving your presents back!!


  9. You better be good if you want to see those presents again! Maybe the big guy thought it would be best to remove the temptation to make being good easier.


  10. JAck
    You better check every knook and cranny of your house. These humans like to ummm hide stuff and if you use your nose you can find it, I do!!

    Good luck sniffin

  11. Oh, Jack! I'm sure if you behave for the next 4 days, all your presents will return!


  12. Sniff away my friend...we think you can find those pressies!

    Hugs and snaggle-tooth kisses,
    Sierra Rose and mom

  13. Xmas is coming Jack!I am sure you will get your presents back!

  14. Come onnnnnnnnnnn,you're a retriever! Go find those presents!

  15. every morning - I run to my SOCK at the fireplace, to check if Santa has come by yet. Then I think to myself, well how will he get in the house, I would hear him...? It's confusing to me, but I know I will have LOTS of gifts this year : ) as i'm sure you will!

  16. How could the Tall Guy do that to you Jack? You look so sad :( I am reporting this matter to the authorities immediately, if not sooner. This is a great injustice not to mention a travesty.