Saturday, December 26, 2009

December 26, 2009

Merry Day-After-Christmases everybody! Did you know I was getting 'A NEW CAR!!!"? I felt like I was on The Price is Right (the good version with Bob Barker! -- ooh, BARK-er, now I see why all the puppies like this show!)

So anyway, after the tall guy finally got up like at 5 oh clocks AM, I proceeded to tear open all the packages under the Christmas tree. The tall guy said it would have been nice if I hadn't proceeded to tear open the packages that were HIS, but how was I supposed to know.

In one of the packages was a brand new yellow car! It was kinda small and I don't think it would hold very many people, but I imagine it gets fantastic gas mileage. The tall guy said it didn't need gas - it was a remote controlled car that ran on batteries. (I am SO green!) We took it out to the park and I got to watch it run. The tall guy thought I would chase it, but it didn't move very fast, so I didn't see much use in chasing something that runs slower than I can walk. Mainly, I just watched the tall guy TRY to make it go where he wanted it to go. Note to everyone: If you value your shins, do not let the tall guy try to drive the new car any where near you. Hopefully, he will get better with practice!

Here I am tasting the new car - (gotta love that new car taste!):

Back at home, I finally got to find out what that strange creature in my stocking was. It was a WUBBA that looked like a bear. Although this bear did not have no bottom - it sorta looked like an octopus. I guess it was an OctoBear or a Bear-o-Pus (not to be confused with OctoMom). So, it wasn't something that snuck into my house last night. Here I am tasting my new WUBBA - (gotta love that new Wubba taste!). This one even squeaks - so I squeaked it about 292 times before the tall guy said it was time to open another present.

(Which reminds me - Have you seen my new squeaky Wubba? I seem to have misplaced it!)

Here is me, being happy for all the Christmases stuff!

I also got a bunch of different kinds of balls - big balls, little balls, soccer balls, even a ball that had a ball inside of it. This soccer ball one even lasted like 3 minutes! I think it just needs to be pumped up a little.

Finally, I decided what the tall guy needed for Christmas - a new wallet. So I helped him make up his mind that he needed a new one:

There were a bunch of plastic cards and stuff inside his wallet, but I took most of those out and put them on the ground before I started to work on the reminder.

So, all it all, it was a really good Christmases. I even got to have some roast that was cooked in a crack-pot! It was delicious!!

The tall guy has a bunch more pictures (of course) and even some videos, so I'll tell him to put some of those up for tomorrow!

Here's hoping your Christmases was fantastic! See you tomorrow!!


  1. Don't let TG fool you...I'm thinking the remote control Hummer was really for HIM!!!
    Glad you had a good Christmas you big goofy boy!

  2. So, it was a good day fur woo?

    PeeEssWoo: I have a new purple wubba but she didn't give it to me yet - something about photo opp?

  3. Wubba Wubba Jack...that car couldn't even take you for a ride to the mountains. No Fair! Tell the tall guy you want a bigger yellow car with comfy seats 'n all.

    Grrrrs from Gizzy....

    PS: Tell the tall guy the zombies can't hop in my footprints no more cuz the it's snowing AGAIN. The plows just went by and made lots of noise.

  4. I really didn't need to see that picture of OctoMom this early in the morning Jack. Looks like you made a pretty good haul yesterday. Have fun chewing up all your new stuff!

  5. Jack
    I could see you totally opening all the gifts under the tree, like WHAT? too funny

    Gee...I thought the tall guy was getting a real new car, a remote, uh! you could take that thing with your tail tied behind you BOL

    Glad you had a great Christmas and helped the TG to see that he DID need a new wallet!! Good job~~what would he do without you??? Have a pretty boring life I would say!! Smiles~~

    Paw knocks to ya

  6. What nice gifts! I love the car!
    Enjoy your Christmas week!!!

  7. Jack you and TG had a great Christmas. We love your bear wubba and balls galore. A remote car...ummmm sounds to me like TG wanted he justified it by saying it was for you...but what the heck it will be a ton of fun!!!
    As for the wallet we LOL'd big time. What is it with TG's and their need to keep old worn out wallets. I once gave my husband one..he did not start using if for at leat 2 years after he got it and trust me it was embarassing when he pulled out the old one. We look forward to more pictures.
    Madi and Mom

  8. Oops that wallet looks like the one my Dad had when I was little - my parents went out and Dad forgot his wallet (mom says he does that on purpose so she needs to pay) - WELL, I found his wallet and there was LOTS of Paper Money inside and I had them all over the living room, hiding them under the glass table, there were lots of plastic cards too. Hope you had merry christmas jack + his TG.

  9. Jack, it looks like you had a very nice Christmas. Sam has never chewed on a wallet, but he does like to fish things out of my purse - or anyone's purse for that matter. He doesn't care! Enjoy your new toys, and look for the new Wubba in an extra high spot!

    Good Luck!

    Sam and Cisco

  10. Hi Jack!
    Looks like you and the tall guy had a great Christmas! What cool presents you got!

  11. Wow!! What a lucky boy you are Jack! Glad you liked your new 'Wubba' Not sure if we have those here but perhaps I better take a look in the doggie store as I am sure Ben would like one of those.

    Chrissie and Ben

  12. The only thing better than new stuffies is roast from the crack-pot. You really did have a good day! I'm sure the Tall Guy was most appreciative of your wallet assistance too :)

  13. Ooo, Jack, you got a nice haul! (Augie and Ti will show you their new stuff tomorrow!) I don't blame you about the wallet--you were simply teaching TG to be tidier, right? ;-)

  14. ROFL! Good thing the money was already spent! BTW, you had me going about the car. ;)