Wednesday, December 30, 2009

December 30, 2009

The Fuzzy Wubba Caper
(A High Stakes Radio Drama)

Announcer: Previously, our hero puppy, Jack,
had discovered an intruder in his Christmas stocking.

"Please do not eat me, Mister Puppy!
I am only a small furry Wubba
and you are so big and strong!"

"Maybe if I hide in here, the big puppy will not be able to find me!

"Eh-heh-heh! You can't hide from me!
I am the amazing Wubba-finding puppy!"

- Eat, eat, eat.
- Chew, chew, chew.
"I am now eating you and all your fuzzy insides!"

"Ah, ha, ha!
You will not bother anyone ever again,
you formerly evil fuzzy Wubba!"

Announcer: Will the evil Fuzzy Wubba escape from Jack's clutches?
Will Jack finally discover what is inside Fuzzy Wubba?
Tune in again next week for the exciting conclusion of
"OH NO!!! -
The Fuzzy Wubba Caper!"


  1. Good luck Wubba!
    I fear your days are numbered!

  2. I believe Fuzzy Wuzzy has a tear...Fuzzy Wuzzy is even getting bare...


  3. Wubba Wubba!

    Hugs and snaggle-tooth kisses,
    Sierra Rose

  4. Hey Fuzzy wubba,
    I believe that you are toast now.....sorry bout that but......thats the way it goes!!!


  5. Good job Jack, keeping the world and your humans safe from evil Wubba's. You are a true hero!


  6. I'm hoping to get this Wubba destroyed quickly so that I can get a fuzzy Wubba next. My new boy asked yesterday if all dogs destroy their toys. The new girl told him that a chewing dog is a happy dog. She got that right!


  7. I don't chew on stuff so I've never really understood "stuffies" and "destuffing." There's must be some kind of oral fixation going on here, but the real puzzle is why do people (TG in your case) keep providing these toys knowing full well that their life span will probably be less than a day... heck, maybe less than 10 minutes?? Can you explain that sometime? Great sound effects btw and clever idea for radio drama.

  8. Hi Jack,
    That Bear wubba is pretty cute....I say you sould keep it around to snuggle with when TG is busy!! We hope the end to the story will reveal that you decided to coexist with it in harmony.
    Madi and Mom

  9. Fuzzy Wubba was a bear,
    Fuzzy Wubba gave a scare
    When Fuzzy Wubba saw his bubba
    Jack the fuzzy Wubba luvva!


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  11. Poor Wubba although your post made mommy laugh. Best wishes for a happy new year!

  12. Aiyeee! I was using your "oh no" link to check whether the link would come up on my laptop. (Yes, I'd had a link problem with something else.) Usually my speaker is off but this time it wasn't....imagine my surprise. Thanks for the chuckle TG...! Since Giz doesn't like stuffies (won't even touch them...we don't have to go broke replacing them....

  13. Uh oh.......I see a de-wubbaing in Jack's future!!


  14. Love the sounds...hmm, was the dog growl Jack?? BOL!!

    Well, may the force be with we destroy Wubbas everywhere in 2010!!

  15. We have great confidence in your wubba detection ability, Jack.

  16. I love the many faces your dog makes.

    And the kook's name actually is Jack. You're freakin' me out.

  17. Re: Re: Growl on Jack's blog.

    I figured it could not be our lovely guy..he is very much like Olive.. no barks or growls here..unless she finds herself in the fireplace or oven door..then she barks a bit. She is a bit confused at times...

    Best to you and Jack ...

    Olive's Mom

  18. Run East...I will save you! Jack I gotta go with him this time....

  19. I predict a happy ending.

    And also a not so happy ending...

    ...depending on which character you ask.

  20. Jack, you are an exceptionally handsome doggie. We like when you close your eyes and smile!

  21. I love it! How nice Jack poses so well for all these pictures! On the edge of my seat.......

  22. Hi Jack!
    I'm guessing Fuzzy Wubba wasn't very fuzzy (anymore), was he?

    jack a-roo

  23. Darn, all of the good jokes have been used up already! LOL I can predict the outcome of this because the same caper happens at our house over and over. Coincidence, huh?

    PS Would you like a B? I have plenty! BBBbbbbb