Thursday, December 17, 2009

December 17, 2009

I will now
Answer Your Questions!

A tree is just a stick that hasn't been chewed up yet!

The tall guy mentioned to me that there have been some questions in my comments that I haven't answered. I told him I didn't know a good way TO answer them on here. So, if any of you other doggers ( dog + bloggers = doggers ) or cataloggers (cat + blog, well you get the idea!) know of a good way to respond to questions that people leave in their comments, please let the tall guy and me know.

So, in no particular order:

Dewdana, at Southernmost Moose Lodge, asked if the tall guy took down the gate so I could get into the room with the Christmas tree?
Me: Sadly, no. The tall guy is no fool. He permitted me to cross over into the forbidden zone just for a photo op! Evidently, all the furniture in that room AND the Christmas tree is made of food. I am still not allowed into the room without him.

Augie and Ti's Mom wants to know how I can leave the Christmas tree alone?
Me: Two words - fake tree. Oh, it may LOOK like a tree and be green and all, but trust me. I know trees, and, you sir, are no tree! So, it only holds a passing interest for me. Oh, and it's still behind the gate (see above).

Madi and Mom (one of the few felines that seems very nice - Madi that is, not her mom, although I think her Mom is very nice too!) ask if I like the Christmas tree?
Me: Well, the tall guy seems to like it, so I guess, by provisions found in documents all the way back to the Treaty of Ghent, I like it too. He said that some of the shiny things hanging in the tree (I think he said peppermints) are very special to him.

Finally, Brooke would like to know what would happen if I tried to jump and get the food but landed on the tree instead?
Me: That is a very good question, Darwin's mom! Unfortunately, I don't have an answer because I have learned that I AM NOT SUPPOSED TO JUMP ON ANYTHING IN THE HOUSE EVEN IF THERE IS FOOD INVOLVED!
(Note to tall guy: Is that right? Is that what you told me to say? It's a little hard to understand you when you're yelling like that!)
So, I guess I would have to say I am very careful when I am around things that can be broken. It wasn't ME who broke one of the shiny things when they were decorating the tree, now was it????

So there we have answers to a few of your questions. The tall guy says he loves reading your comments and if I could read, so would I!!


  1. The Tall Guy is a hooman...

    We KHAN outsmart them...


  2. Jack,
    Our tree is fake too and I dont bother it at all. I think my mom would actually KILL me if I did!! and I am not about to try it to find out, I kinda enjoy my life!! BOL


  3. Great method for answering the questions - it is what our human does, too. Once a month, er, well every other month, ok ok, whenever he gets around to it, he dedicates a blog post to question answering.

  4. Hi Jack and TG!!! Great questions and answers!!!
    Way back before Madi and Milky-Way(cats) we had Toto (dachshund) aka 10 lbs of fearless hound.
    His first Christmas we us we had a real tree that evidently had wonderful smells. As soon as it was in the stand he thought it needed watering so he lifted his leg to the get the picture. So trust me Jack you get in much less trouble by not being allowed near the tree.
    Madi and Mom

  5. ps Jack as for answering questions from bloggers I normally go to their blog to answer the question. If they have an email listed on the blog, I'll email them.
    Madi and Mom

  6. I had a lot of reading to catch up on then! I is very excited about your snugga wubba! I has one of them as my special only at agilities toy and I loves it sooo much!
    I was wondering about the questions thing too. Khyra has the magic ability to reply to comments, then I noticed if you go to your blog when you is signed in and look at your comments on some of them you can click reply. I think that how she does it.
    ~lickies, Ludo

  7. I have seen a way to respond so theat the response is threaded in with the original comment on wordpress but never on blogger. We will have to ask Khyra how she does it because I have always wondered that too. I used to leave it as a comment on that post but that was when I was new and did not realize that unless that person asks to be emailed with future comments on that post they will never see the response so that is no good! Anyway, I rather like the Q & A approach! Maybe I will have one post each week dedicated to that. I am seriously thinking of moving to wordpres though so guess that would fix it too!
    Bummer you were only allowed in for a photo op, Jack I would have thought a fake tree was just as enticing to a doggie that likes to eat anything!

  8. Hi Jack! I say, just GO FOR IT! Snaggle that tree! Looks like you were practicing in the first photo with the outdoor tree branch. We don't have a tree, but do have a really snaggle-worthy red and white GIANT fuzzy sock hanging by the front door. I am getting my nerve up to GET IT!

    Hugs and snaggle-tooth kisses,
    Sierra Rose

  9. Jack...I love that you have officially moved to "Superstar Status" (answering questions)...and I may have to ask for an interview the beginning of next year!!
    The Rover Reporter...Dory

  10. I just LOVE our tree - and when we make fires in the fireplace I love to sit on the couch and watch the tree - ours is fake too!

  11. Beth here -- sounds like you two have the BEST time ever at your house! You were made for each other....

  12. Hi Jack,
    Mom had a chance to go back to the very beginning of Daily Dose of Jack. What a precious puppy with 200% personality. Did you come with an Every Ready Battery recharger? We enjoyed the wake up video...there is a saying in Chicken Soup for Cat lovers, "there is no alarm clock like that of a hungry kitten"...same goes for you. Ask TG to post some of your puppy videos.
    Madi and Mom

  13. We think that is a good way to answer questions. We were unsure too about how to go about it. Good Job! By the way Jack, we loved the pic of you running in the snow on your snow day!!!!
    Ernie & Sasha

  14. Thanks for making us laugh as always Jack :)

  15. Ah, all of the mysteries of the universe have been cleared up! ;-)