Tuesday, December 15, 2009

December 15, 2009

I hit the Christmas Present JACKpot*!
*(See, it's like a play on words,
since my name is Jack and I got a BUNCH of stuff.
But it wasn't POT!
I just meant I got a bunch of stuff.
Oh nevermind.)

Did you guess that there were TWO presents in the box?

The tall guy had to open the box
since I'm not allowed to use the scissors.
Inside, there were two whole packages.
Very nicely wrapped and bowed!

So I took out the first one.

Very gently took off the bow.

I may have gotten a little something on my face
in all the excitement!

But since it was taking so long to try to unwrap it neatly,
I decided to just tear into it
like a windmill in a tornado!

It is a delicious NYLAbone!

Action shot of me and my new Nylabone!

Then, when I opened the 2nd package,
it was something I had never seen before.
It is called a Snugga Wubba!
The tall guy let me play with it a little
before he TOOK IT AWAY!
Something about not tearing it apart
in the first two minutes after I got it.
So WE (not just him) decided that this
will be OUR play together toy.
He and I will get to play with the Snugga Wubba together!

Here's a video of me trying to kill the Snugga Wubba!

Even the paper tasted good!

Here are my goodies!!

So, in conclusion:

And thank YOU, Jazzi and Jazzi's mom for coming up with this great idea.
I think we should do it EVERY WEEK!!


  1. Very cool pressies!
    You have the attention span of a gnat!

  2. Hey Jack, That Snugga Wubba looks like lots of fun. Could have a short life span. Enjoy while you can. We liked that long piece of paper hanging from your mouth. You're so lucky. Fine presents.
    Ernie & Sasha

  3. I think woo should say woo hit the Jakhkpot!

    I don't have a SnuggaWubba but I LOVE my KongWubba!

    Woo got some pawesome stuffs!


  4. Very cool Jack~~That snuggawubba sure looks like fun!! I go for every week but not sure Mom will BOL


  5. Excellent presents and love the video. And you attention span is just right to us because you - look, over there, paper. Where were we?

  6. Jack you are so funny you were all over the place trying to decide what to play with. Mom laughed hard when she saw you wearing the paper. You are all about how long will it take me to destroy this aren't you. Pace yourself sweet boy so you'll still have your wubba on Christmas.
    What a fun time we've all had with our gifts!!!
    Thanks Jazzi and her Mom
    Hugs Madi!!!

  7. Awesome jack! Good thinking about the together play toy. Moose had a wubba that he played rough with but it held up ok until.... TeddyNo came along and I got to see what was inside a wubba (I'll never tell!) and since you are a puppy like Teddy was I am guessing you would get to the center of a snugga wubba in about 3 licks too!

  8. Oh Jack we are so glad you like your pressies...Mama says she is very sorry she forgot the card (don't worry she forgot it in PeeWee's box too)!! She is sending it separately...but it is NOT a toy, so do not destroy it!! I love my snugga wubba (it's Dory sized)Daddy and I play tug with it bunches!! Hope you and the TG get at least a few days out of it..BOL!


  9. Nice presents Jack! I like your video. You know how to play! Shake them up, right?

  10. Wow!!! I have never seen a snugga wubba but if Santa doesn't bring me one, I will be a very bad dog! It is the coolest looking toy ever.

    You lucky dog.


  11. Oh Jack, What wonderful gifts you have gotten!! And so much fun opening them up...Merry Christmas Jack..hugs and wags, Mistaya

  12. Wow Jack - wonderful toys...we love the video, Mom says you look just like me, don't know what she means by that, you are blond and i'm a brunette...

  13. Hi Jack! What pawsome presents you got! The Snugga Wubba is so cool! I have some toys to play(only) together with mom or dad too ;)

  14. I have been waiting for this! Jack is more "human" than we think--just like a kid. Get the toy and play with the box too!

  15. Hey Jack, cool toys! We had a wubba once. For about 5 minutes. *AHEM*