Sunday, December 13, 2009

December 13, 2009


Whenever I hear bells, it means one of two thing: Either I have bumped my head really hard or someone is at the door. Well, I don't remember bumping my head really hard (but then again, I guess if you bumped your head REALLY hard, you might have a hard time remembering anything!), so I figured there was someone at the front door. I ran to get the tall guy and told him someone was at the door. By the time we had gotten there (he doesn't get as excited about someone coming to the door as I do), there wasn't anyone there, but there was a STRANGE PACKAGE and it was addressed to ME! Little old pea-pickin' me!

LO AND BEHOLD, it was a present from DORY & BILBO and their MOM (and possibly DAD!) They sent me the best gift ever in the whole puppy world! THEY SENT ME A BOX!!!!! They must know how much I love me some boxes!!!

I decided to check it out! First, I looked at it this way:

Then I looked at it THAT way. Look at all the great colors! It is a wonderful box!!

Then I decided to shake it around a little bit:

Then, I got down to the real fun. CHEWING THE BOX!!!

Boxes are so much fun because they have SO MANY DIFFERENT SIDES that you can chew!

So, thank you, thank you, thank you to Dory and Bilbo and Mom (and possibly Dad) for the bestest ever box I have possibly ever gotten ...


The tall guy just told me that the present is IN the box.

You mean I get a present AND a box??? Well, that is even better!!

So, now I wonder what is in the box. What do YOU think it is?


  1. If it's ticking, you've got a problem...
    But I bet it's something really cool, just like you Jack!!!

  2. Maybe it is one of those boxes inside of a box inside of another box and so on. That way maybe you could open one every day until Christmas! Ok... maybe not but we cant wait to see what it is!
    p.s. That second picture of you is most hilarious!

  3. HaRoooo!

    I khan't wait to see what's IN there!

    PeeEssWoo: Mom says tank woo fur the kind words about Kyrye - she's ready - she told Mom on Saturday - we've shared her Photobucket from Saturday on FB and with furiends - they khan see it too - 15y1m15d is pretty good!

  4. Hi, Jack!
    Double present!
    Twice the joy!
    I am sure you are going to love them!
    Kisses and hugs

  5. That was too funny Jack.

    Yah I wanna see what is inside, so would ya open it already???


  6. Keep chewing Jack! You'll get in there soon, I promise! Sharpen those snagglers!

    Hugs and snaggle-tooth kisses,
    Sierra Rose

  7. Too nice your friends send you a box and a present! What´s in the box?

  8. Oh what a doll--he reminds me of our first dog, Gretchen. She was a yellow lab-box chewer mix ;-)

    Now, what could be in the box? I know my guys would be happy with paper, dirt, and duck poop...MAYBE YOU'LL GET LUCKY,lol.

  9. Oh crap, those pictures are so cute I'm dying! I love when they do that cute paw swatting gesture, much less the head tilt. You are adorable Jack...

  10. I hope the box has kitty cookies in it. Trust me on this one Jack... they're so much better than cardboard.

  11. Hi Jack you are about as excited about your box as Madi was. Madi didn't even thing about chewing on it but boy did she sniff. We can hardly wait to see what is in your box as a participant of Jazzi's gift exchange. Mom is posting me receiving my box today through tomorrow afternoon part 1 then part 2 tomorrow afternoon. We can't wait until tomorrow.
    Pizza with and I will talk about that MOL
    Madi and Mom

  12. What is it Jack? Sam'll come on over and help you open it!


  13. Woo Hoo!!! We are so glad you got the box!!


  14. A box, a box - oh so cool. We want one too. Usually our hu-dad gets what is in the box and we get the box. Wonder what it could be?

  15. Ahhhh boxes - yes I love ALL boxes...pasta boxes are some of my favorite - I love recycling them though - so make sure that you find out what's inside before you throw it out to the curb.